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For Magmar players to seek the help of a Guard.
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Suspicious Characters Weiss [9]

***Voluntary Imprisonment*** Weiss [9]

Foul Letters/Gifts/Info Weiss [9]

Complaints About Wrong Curse Of Silence Weiss [9]

Complaints About Guard Curses Weiss [9]

***Hacked Characters Reports*** Weiss [9]

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Magmar Guard Recruitment Weiss [9]

Frequently Asked Questions Weiss [9]

please put ID: zuno into jail travel bag [5]
10:20 , 29 Sep. 2010
when i use bat attack him, he offline to avoid fight, at 28.09 16:13
Answers 1  Niccci

wth dark_destroyer [5]
12:05 , 26 Sep. 2010
KreMatoR bullied me in to leaving a location just because i needed to finish an order he then attacked me with a bat and gave me an injury i want him to be punished nobody should be bulied on a game which you ar esupposed to enjoy
Answers 4  Niccci, KreMatoR, big978, cryocore

How about a warning first, guys? Balcanicus [5]
20:50 , 28 Sep. 2010
Yeah, I havent played for a while and yeah, I missed the prv button.
And i apologised for it asap.
But how about a warning first, or one minute gag?...
Answers 1  cryocore

Traded wrong money Scotchpie [7]
23:27 , 14 Sep. 2010
I had joined a naked fighters fight so aggread to pay 7s 50 to pay for the food they had lost, but had traded 7g 50s by accident the player is ----> He said he did not notice the error and...
Answers 5  Niccci, Nuki, Scotchpie, Niccci, valour_is_good

naked arena --silent wolf-- [5]
04:49 , 23 Sep. 2010
THUNDER CLOUDS was naked in arena !...
Answers 1  Niccci

Clan donations legal? dreameriuss [3]
11:38 , 21 Sep. 2010
if a player wants to be generous and donate money to the clan treasury is this legal? if not could i have an explanation as to why not. thanks and have a blessed day.
Answers 1  Niccci

fight bug abuse Borgir [12]
23:17 , 03 Sep. 2010

have pics of him continuing his trip to plat for the GB so this time won't hear anything about "he came to plat to log out"...
Answers 6  LisSa, Vedbal, Borgir, wanderer84, Borgir, wanderer84

bag user LisSa [10]
17:39 , 14 Sep. 2010
Answers 2  Baldroof, Niccci

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