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riding skill cronkadillias [10]
23:51 , 04 Aug. 2010
ok when i left the game i had a riding skill of 2 now i dont have one whats going with it...
Answers 5  Lady Jedi, cronkadillias, Shevek, -NOT_ME-, cronkadillias

plug in site crashing Xandor [2]
01:41 , 31 Jul. 2010
don't really know how it happened but can it be fixed soon please...
Answers 1  D3v1l lt

Thanks to Shevek rvolvr [9]
21:18 , 09 Jul. 2010
I know theres only a few of you from the old days, but if youve been around as long as me then youll know Shevek has been doing an out of this world job at the HM position. Everyone should take the time out to thank her for all the work she does.
Answers 4  merv, Renesmee, Pallas_Athene, montorge

lost poisons Tallinn Maximus [5]
20:20 , 13 Jul. 2010
19:08 The Order of the Mentors are currently recruiting players from level 4! Please visit here (Humans) or here (Magmars) for requirements and to apply!
19:08 Tallinn Maximus Pallas_Athene : hey is there any way to get items back i droped...
Answers 1  Shevek

Troubles at the mill quest -BeeR- [4]
10:52 , 12 Jul. 2010
Current goal: Kill the Indestructible Skeleton which was locked up in the mill, next to Pherapont`s house

Answers 1  TheShadowOne

:help: please , i need the Experimental Executioner Battle Axe !! please :help: bosko [4]
01:41 , 11 Jul. 2010
:help: please , i need the Experimental Executioner Battle Axe !! please :help:
Answers 0  

Thank you Mentor! SilentKill [3]
18:59 , 10 Jun. 2010
Recently I had a few questions about quests, game functions, etc. I started working with "Ghostmaker" about 5 minutes before his shift ended. He continued to assist and help me on his own time (instead of passing me off) for the next 45...
Answers 2  Airlia, Renesmee

03:32 , 06 Jun. 2010
Answers 1  Lady Jedi

Little question about exp. cryocore [11]
19:12 , 29 Apr. 2010

you see the fight - me and big978 made the same dmg - on the same monsters - why do I get more exp since I am tank and have 300 more life points?...
Answers 3  TheShadowOne, Lady Jedi, Cheesypie

do adminas gears124 [4]
02:04 , 12 May 2010
where can i get this book from.. am go fighter...
Answers 0  

Fisherman Prof CrusaderX [4]
12:53 , 07 Apr. 2010
Take some bait to Nathan the Fisherman on the Ridge of Kayar with which he can catch a slippery, cunning fish.

Answers 2  --AlphaMale--, bluewombat

Rank the Champion do not give Myrzik [11]
10:12 , 04 Apr. 2010
Valour 304045
Rank the Champion do not give (((participated in tournament where have wrongly added 600000 valours, instead of 30000.....
Can function of replacement of ranks have disconnected... And, as at us it is accepted... Have forgotten to...
Answers 0  

do admina Oskaryn [3]
09:57 , 31 Mar. 2010
kcem ZBANOwacz konto plis...
Answers 1  --AlphaMale--

help with strange mechanism Tomarlon [4]
16:25 , 24 Mar. 2010
In the event fallen experiment I got this " After dealing with the Black Holes using the Negators, you suddenly see a very Strange mechanism 1 pcs."

What do I do with this strange mechanism?
Answers 2  Shevek, Tomarlon

Quest " Fighting the Provocateurs " novo [5]
10:39 , 09 Mar. 2010
Current goal: Go to Elder Baguron at City Square and give him the documents.
Baguron don't have this quest. Help me
Answers 2  Chronus, Chronus

? --Slaine-- [3]
23:52 , 13 Feb. 2010
Ok somone tell me why this guy is even a mentor.. I asked why a level 5 full executioner was allowed in a cc with level 3 an 4's.. I said it wasnt fair an dam near inpossible to do anything, is something going to be done about it.. The mentors...
Answers 16  ... -Sleepsalot-, -Killzone-, Kia, --AlphaMale--, -Sleepsalot-, Kia, Chronus, -Sleepsalot-, -Sleepsalot-, Airlia

start over Ratco [5]
22:14 , 25 Feb. 2010
hello , is there a way i can erase my current character and start over again?
Answers 5  Anu6is, Ratco, Anu6is, RuTH_LeSS, Anu6is

Don't complain about mentors Fire_Princess [3]
17:00 , 08 Jan. 2010
They are only doing they job if they are not there when there is a problem they do have realy lifes if there is a problem find a mentor or a guard it's not heard yes some times it is there fult but also just think really mentors dont need to...
Answers 6  Hollywood Uned, Renesmee, -Sleepsalot-, xero, Airlia, Dookz

Difference between Regular and Improved Efril Replicator...? --Angerfist-- [4]
09:52 , 12 Feb. 2010
Can anyone please tell me what exactly is the difference between the 30g one and the 65g one...?!

I really don't see any difference at all... The "upgraded" version never gave me more than 3 efrils per launch... Some said it...
Answers 2  Lady Jedi, --Angerfist--

green rod BLACKBURNIE [10]
20:09 , 10 Feb. 2010
Does anyone know what is needed to get the guest for the green rod?

1. to be a fisherman i guess :P...
Answers 2  OriginalSith, BLACKBURNIE

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