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When i try to get a quest item i donot get it kimos [3]
18:08 , 01 Oct. 2009
i needed 6 male fire spider mandiables when i got 5 when i was hunting the sixth one i canot get it...
Answers 1  rvolvr

how do I quit a group?? ganja [3]
19:16 , 28 Sep. 2009
I became a member of a group on one of my first sojourns out-to help me thru a battle. I can't leave, when I hit the "group" icon, it just changes which group chat I'm involved in. I'm tired of sharing my winnings with...
Answers 1  Anu6is

why did i got a curse? Sir Koffagus [3]
22:02 , 27 Sep. 2009
20:59 Sir Koffagus [3] has had the Curse of Silence placed on them for 1hr.Reason: insult.

I only used the word noob and got 1 hour curse...
Answers 1  Sir Nasty

bait chernan [3]
11:01 , 27 Sep. 2009
cant find the bait to start fishing proffesion
Answers 1  Anu6is

Lost a quest item.. Zyia [4]
22:51 , 17 Sep. 2009
I was doing the quest of the lost parents.. I had to fight a Pkhadd bear to recieve the dagger of Norvud. On my first fight, it said I recieved the dagger, but when I went to talk to Baird the Seafarer, I couldn't give it to him.. Also, when I...
Answers 4  Dragonoid300, Thorrska, Cheesypie, bluewombat

cant get elders blessing casper022 [4]
03:27 , 19 Sep. 2009
i want to know why i cant get elders blessing not offering to me and its not on recurring list...
Answers 1  Filas

sikerim bilmiyom ingilizce KORKBENDEN [1]
16:41 , 18 Sep. 2009
Im turk&#305;sh No &#304;ngiliz oke?
Answers 2  KORKBENDEN, Sir Nasty

Who are the Mentors byyou2112 [1]
07:57 , 10 Sep. 2009
You are correct! Our world, created during the Era when the Gods created the Elements, illuminated by the Star of Mirrow, is called Faeo.

Answers 1  Anu6is

curse of silence satansscythe [3]
17:45 , 05 Sep. 2009
i got the curse of silence put on me for saying idiot how is that bad language can u check into that plz thankyou...
Answers 3  bluewombat, Eliza, bluewombat

translate me plz Mazaa [5]
00:56 , 31 Aug. 2009
22:40 Antoshka1985 » Mazaa : ты русски говори а то я тебя не понимаю, лошара
22:40 RusskI » Mazaa : есть утверждения! типа: жопе слова не давали
Answers 1  Sir Nasty

experience points thingy [3]
03:51 , 17 Aug. 2009
when i fight and win against a monster i gain experience but when i finish a quest i dont gain the experience it tells me i should, and it has been like this ever since i created my account. why would this happen?
Answers 3  Lady Jedi, legend1, Anu6is

training cronkadillias [9]
06:21 , 27 Aug. 2009
each night between 0600-0800 i will do traing shift i will reserve them each day for that time contact me if you want training during that time...
Answers 0  

attitude unbecoming of a mentor Sir Nasty [10]
08:22 , 26 Aug. 2009
please keep in mind im on shift in city sq for this.

Answers 3  Anu6is, Sleepsalot, Anu6is

Magmar Mentors! Re-Born [9]
23:59 , 10 May 2009
Hey all!
If possible could I get the rough dates you were accepted into the Legion of Mentors.
If you dont remember please go into your sent box and use your first paid shift as your start date....
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Answers 22  ... Zebedee, Sir Nasty, Re-Born, Esras, Esras, erlkonig, Jarlaxle, JDubs316, Sleepsalot, natedog10

Just a Question dshield1 [4]
02:39 , 24 Aug. 2009
I'm not meaning to be rude in the slightest, but is it really necessary for mentors to post the
"Warriors please don't curse, flood, insult others, use foul language, all CAPS, or any language other than ENGLISH in Main chat or you...
Answers 3  Sir Nasty, Anu6is, Esras

attributes Lady_moonFang [3]
02:27 , 11 Aug. 2009
can u explain to me all the attributes..
like what does intuition effects..
and so on..
Answers 6  Anu6is, Varok, Anu6is, Varok, Sir Nasty, Sleepsalot

Jewler dust recepies Darken Walden [3]
12:01 , 14 Aug. 2009
I am a lvl 29 miner and just started my jewller profession. I bought an agate dust recepie and an aquamarine dust recipe. i try clicking on the green button on the top right corner and nothing happens. i have tried refreshing my browser and trying...
Answers 1  Sleepsalot

About being a mentor CyKyR [3]
21:40 , 11 Aug. 2009
To: Human Mentors

I re-rolled from level 5 to be a valour seeker and do have a fair amout of game knowledge but my present character is only a level 3. Would that character still have to be a level 4 in order for me to apply to be a mentor?
Answers 2  Airlia, CyKyR

Magmar quest lvl6 for magmar mentors Sungurlu [8]
16:21 , 14 Aug. 2009
ok i have problems with magmars lvl6 quest the warrior mages
what shall we give and what do we get in total pls inform me
thank you very much...
Answers 0  

training for new mentor cronkadillias [9]
22:29 , 08 Aug. 2009
ok everyone i can do training shifts between 0600 and 0900 server time if you need trained let me know and i will help you
Answers 2  Amdis, cronkadillias

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