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. Re-Born [9]
00:26 , 07 Aug. 2009
Sorry all but my day has come where I do not want to be around this game... in particular people anymore.
Remove my M.. 1yr6months.
Answers 6  Anu6is, Jarlaxle, monkeyman, Sleepsalot, Sir Nasty, Fia Pyroness

for my curse of silence child from hell [6]
04:46 , 04 Aug. 2009
ok i can wait and tanks you very much for help me airlia ))
Answers 2  Airlia, child from hell

Unofficial Change Log Anu6is [6]
23:51 , 31 May 2009
Redirect here...
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find a mentor online link does not work -Travis78- [4]
22:40 , 15 May 2009
Zebedee, just to let you know the find a mentor online link does not work in the forums. Says its over quota.
Answers 1  Zebedee

notice rigormortis621 [6]
21:34 , 12 May 2009
im having problems with the wireless network in my area and so am experiancing severe lag. (its not related to the game at all)
i have fulfilled the quota of shifts for this week as far as i know, but do hope to do more before the weeks end. if i...
Answers 1  Zebedee

Admin Re-Born [9]
23:50 , 10 May 2009
Hello Admin, could you please change titles and sticky the following 3 topics:

Mentor FAQs:
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unable to see new rules rigormortis621 [6]
23:55 , 28 Apr. 2009
hatred notified that the new mentor rules are released and gave me the link, but it says i dont have permission to access them. could i pls be given permission as soon as possible, thanks.
Answers 11  ... Yarema, -blazing snake-, Anu6is, rigormortis621, Hatredbkp, Yarema, Zebedee, Yarema, Zebedee, Yarema

Mag Mentors....Shake-Up Time Zebedee [0]
11:58 , 03 May 2009
As you know, Mentors are getting busier by the day as more new players are entering the game. We are aiming to have as great a coverage of Settlement of Chernag as humanly (Magmarly?) possible.

Some Mentors are really stepping up and doing huge...
Answers 11  ... rigormortis621, TheUnderdog, rigormortis621, Anu6is, Zebedee, Zebedee, Anu6is, TheUnderdog, cronkadillias, Yarema

Mag pay this week Zebedee [0]
13:01 , 01 May 2009
Pay will be distributed to Mag Mentors for all shifts done before yeaterday afternoon next Monday, as today is Admin holiday (May day holiday).

It could have been distributed yesterday, and partly this was my fault as the report took me much longer...
Answers 2  rigormortis621, Zebedee

mentor badge rigormortis621 [5]
14:32 , 25 Apr. 2009
im a previous mentor that left the game for a short while, and as such was removed from mentorship. logging back in i find i still have my mentor powers. i havent used them, but reporting here so the appropriate action may be taken. i have also...
Answers 5  Zebedee, rigormortis621, Fia Pyroness, Zebedee, rigormortis621

MENTOR CHAT Lady Anne [0]
20:32 , 12 Feb. 2009
The suggestion goes like this : I think it is a great idea to have a mentor chat like a raid chat in CC. A chat where all mentors in game can communicate and ask help or figure out a tricky question or anything.... I really hope you like the...
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Answers 30  ... White Raven, Seductress, GonnaGetSome, , DeadNight96, Scuba Steve, Airlia, Arekusey, Dark Gryphon, rigormortis621

Magmar Mentors TheUnderdog [7]
05:47 , 23 Apr. 2009
Having a voice in Mentor discussions is essential guys. Not only do we need to know that new know what is happening with the progression of the game, and the duties of the Mentors; but your opinion and suggestions are also highly appreciated.

Answers 2  monkeyman, Anu6is

Mentor Shifts Zebedee [0]
23:03 , 20 Apr. 2009
I am not going to continue in the game after recent events, and I have several shifts that should be counted towards Thursday's pat report. Though technically, if 15th - 20th April never happened, then neither did your shifts and they should...
Answers 5  Sir Nasty, Zebedee, Seductress, Hatredbkp, cronkadillias

Mag Mentor Pay Zebedee [0]
08:49 , 04 Apr. 2009
Azamoth hasn't managed to get online for a couple of weeks, so in order for Mentors to receive their due pay, please send all unpaid chat logs dated within last 21 days to:

You can send .cl attachments if you wish,...
Answers 16  ... Zebedee, Seductress, Hatredbkp, , monkiboy, , Zebedee, Zebedee, Hatredbkp, Zebedee

Thank you huyandex [4]
13:49 , 06 Apr. 2009
Good afternoon!

I would like to thank Mentor Lisa for her being very friendly and helpful for me )) ...
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getting my mentor cronkadillias [7]
06:24 , 24 Mar. 2009
i have completed my traing as a mentor an was just wondering when do i get the title or do i need to do more training, i am really excited an ready to start doing shifts an helping ty for youyr time.
Answers 4  KeNT, Anu6is, cronkadillias, Anu6is

Mentor noobman10001 complain -Hero- [6]
08:44 , 20 Feb. 2009
07:41 pooman10001 -Hero- : because you mght hurt yourself by thinking
07:41 -Hero- pooman10001 :
07:42 pooman10001 -Hero- : sgo home doouhbag...
Answers 13  ... code, code, code, code, pooman10001, White Raven, pooman10001, White Raven, Saiya, pooman10001

sar4e sar4e [4]
11:11 , 26 Mar. 2009
Answers 0  

add me on skype mentor chat dragon fox [9]
11:24 , 24 Mar. 2009
Answers 4  SK_DarkNight, , ,

Veteran Mentors Freya [4]
17:18 , 12 Mar. 2009
Im having difficulty getting my shifts supervised can you please send me some times when you'll be available over the next week ty :)
Answers 2  Airlia, Freya

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