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New Blood dfsdfsds [3]
19:41 , 08 Aug. 2010
we need to revive this section of our Forum..

A poem ensues:...
Answers 3  -Sevarus-, Demonic_Death, valour_is_good

A little poem Vikking [6]
15:04 , 26 May 2009
So, the server is down and i'm bored. So here is what i came up with, don't judge too harshly ;)

Answers 16  ... -August Caesar-, PaleDeath, willchou, hellrocker28, D3v1l lt, -Killzone-, privet2, Vikking, W-a-r_l-o-r-d, -Sevarus-

Some sort of short story Tul Duru [7]
20:03 , 14 Apr. 2010
So, I cleaned out my hard drive recently and found this little piece of work. I think I wrote it for some short story competition once. An ancient one. Well, anyhow, enjoy.

P.S. Not to be taken too seriously. It's a story. Written for fun....
Answers 2  Meridok, Naveen_liverpool

Orfulia is held captive but is this a last one Lord_Amaterasu [3]
00:27 , 29 Apr. 2010
Search for the Place where Orlufia is Held Captive
Warlord Damirus has entrusted you with tracking down Orlufia and finding out exactly where the Forces of Chaos have hidden his daughter.
Answers 1  TheShadowOne

???????????????????????????? R1veN [4]
13:39 , 24 Apr. 2010
how to delete a character...
Answers 0  

Somebody write a story about me! Scuba Steve [5]
04:12 , 13 Apr. 2009
Come on, get those creative juices flowing...
Answers 6  Alphaknight, weebl bob, pain, shadow tyrant, -Killzone-, Ataleen

the poor peasant Dark Magic [3]
20:58 , 28 Jan. 2010
as i went in my way i saw a poor man over the plough bending
his good was full of holes and his hair as sticking out
his shoes were patched his toes was peeped out as he the grounf trod ...
Answers 1  -Killzone-

a short story of a mother seeking her child Dark Magic [3]
21:06 , 28 Jan. 2010
on a cold summers day lets make that thursday 24 1989 the birds where sing a little boy called stanley was playing when on 12 pm that day stanley was knicked and never seen again his mother warried his father in pain no 1 seeked to find him and said...
Answers 1  -Killzone-

Just passing time... Lady Firesoul [3]
05:23 , 10 Dec. 2009
Had to speed up the process of making elixirs and so this "thing" was created. If its any good, I have no idea... didnt write anything for a very very long time and besides that, english is not my first language... but anyhow, here it is:...
Answers 3  Lady Firesoul, Dark Magic, -Killzone-

story telling-poems hellrocker28 [6]
12:31 , 28 Feb. 2010
plz give any prizes for the poetry or prose
Answers 0  

??? shadow tyrant [4]
20:10 , 14 Mar. 2009
who won the comp?
Answers 3  Anu6is, TANGOO, DogBreath

A Faean Haiku Schoenberg [9]
03:51 , 30 Jun. 2009
Bringers of Evil
always spreading the hexes
what a bunch of jerks
Answers 5  weebl bob, -August Caesar-, Hatredbkp, TraouloS, HangJebat

hmmm... Sir Nasty [9]
05:21 , 01 Jul. 2009
Across to the Ballour Ocean
Across the Valley of Fire
A lone Magmar warrior stares down ...
Answers 2  weebl bob, Sleepsalot

Secret Knowledge ( Piles of Papers ) ShadOwenSilver [3]
01:54 , 21 May 2009
Just in case anyone is curious here is some of what is written in those piles of papers:

Answers 2  RoseFireheart, CylvrDragonhartI

Poetry Prize Winners Announced! Guest [16]
15:10 , 17 Mar. 2009
The winners of the poetry competition are as follows:

Answers 11  ... White Raven, iinitial, Eyne, Chrissie, wraith_chaser, -dracoman-, TANGOO, ArgonTheHooded, -dracoman-, redny

Literary Competition: Help record Faean history for eternity! Guest [15]
11:36 , 24 Feb. 2009
Esteemed and mighty warriors of Faeo! I bring a message from the Gods!

You have proven yourselves in battle countless times. You have repelled the angry beasts of Chaos. You have helped preserve Faeo's purity! A long history winds away into...
Answers 16  ... Hatredbkp, Schoenberg, ArgonTheHooded, Xiax, , GonnaGetSome, TankKiller666, TankKiller666, Fia Pyroness, Scuba Steve

thanks reggie TankKiller666 [4]
04:16 , 12 Mar. 2009
thanks for those cool prize choices, the story telling was a real brain worker, i wrote 806 words. this game's awesome dude, thanks all admins, sorry ppl that died in the end,= ) Hope you enjoyed it.
Answers 0  

Poetry submissions (Deadline: Tuesday 10th March 2009) Guest [15]
11:31 , 24 Feb. 2009
Please post your entries for the poetry literature competition here.

All entries must be in English and at least 15 verses long....
Page: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Answers 56  ... Eyne, Balcanicus, shadow_queen, wraith_chaser, shadow_queen, X-man2, X-man2, Moonshyn, Moonshyn, Xiax

Story-telling submissions (Deadline: Tuesday 10th March 2009) Guest [15]
11:32 , 24 Feb. 2009
Please post your entries for the story-telling literature competition here.

All entries must be in English and 800-1000 long....
Page: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Answers 50  ... cutecat, Chronus, calwred, fe_anor, Amdis, Random Void, Volcan, TankKiller666, TankKiller666, X-man2

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