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Flood Setting problem. _bull_ [4]
10:01 , 28 Sep. 2010
Today(28-9-2010) i noticed that my flood isnt this a bug or something wrong with server,any one else having this prob?...
Answers 5  SparkPlugg, _bull_, Malle, SparkPlugg, _bull_

bankers name in russian bigniall666 [3]
05:46 , 17 Sep. 2010
dunno if its been reported, but the banker in city square>bank, his name is showing up in russian
Answers 1  Malle

Magic of the stone event typo world pride [10]
11:12 , 23 Sep. 2010
Award for 1000 influence: Yellow Scroll of Transportation (10 pcs)
As I remember instead of it must be scroll that teleports you in luan cost, not Ancestral Mountains....
Answers 2  world pride, Cross Knight

Innocent victim typos Random Void [9]
23:27 , 22 Sep. 2010
monsters, we want to do everything fairly. If you have caused misfortune – pay for it!
. And you are offering to kill it … will, if that's the way you want it, than that's the way it shall be!
And the son of our tormentor – well...
Answers 2  Random Void, Cross Knight

Typo/Link Sagaris [2]
17:51 , 17 Sep. 2010

On there is a link to Artful Boots of Jaguar...
Answers 1  Malle

my achievement score is not registering at shop Mamu_Undarray [4]
03:59 , 21 Sep. 2010
since up-date my achievements are not registering at shop so I can not get new emots......
Answers 0  

Events Issue TheShadowOne [6]
12:19 , 19 Sep. 2010
For active participation in the events at the Zviglod Brist you receive: Pear 50 pcs

Should say ...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Typo Sagaris [2]
18:30 , 16 Sep. 2010
It is not easy to become a sorcerer, but it is even more difficult to become a first-class sorcerer. Tae for example Lenuya soup. This is the tastiest thing imaginable, and inspires one...
Answers 3  Cross Knight, Sagaris, ikke1990

Shouldn't be there? Sagaris [2]
18:52 , 16 Sep. 2010
Things on list of items that possibly shouldn't be there? <- Green background, yet comes up when I search for things with a red background....
Answers 2  Cross Knight, Sagaris

Typo RedClaw [2]
17:33 , 28 Aug. 2010

A fanatic, attempting to ressurect a dangerous undead being, the Stone Golem [5] , using necromagic and Desecrated Tables. ...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Poaching prohibited and the Minotaurs' revenge D3v1l lt [7]
07:54 , 29 Aug. 2010
Yummy! The mouth-watering aroma of grilled meat is in the air. A big lump of meat, carefully spit on a skewer, is being roasted, slowly rotating over a fire. The skin cracks under the kisses of the flame, releasing amber-coloured driplets of fat...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Why am I showing 0 for influence when I complete an event? Gen [3]
09:23 , 09 Sep. 2010
I completed an event where I had 260 influence yesterday but today shows 0. What's up with that?
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Typo on a couple of achievements... Sagaris [1]
11:49 , 13 Sep. 2010
Achievement: Possessed Shankar Master
Summon a Possessed Shankar [13] using an amulet, which you can receive by enhancing using knowledge from the Book of Possessed Instinct. You will find the guidebook in the treasury, which is in...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Typo/Link Sagaris [1]
12:05 , 13 Sep. 2010

Only a href="/info/library/index.php?obj=cat&id=59" target=_blank>Bringer of Evil has the skill to control a Possessed Shankar, a wonderful mount that is a valuable ally in...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

A bit more typo Sagaris [1]
12:10 , 13 Sep. 2010
Acheivement: Emerald Jakaral Master
Summon a Emerald Jakaral [10] to help you by using an amulet, which you can acquire at the armory at the Northern Outpost or theSouthern Outpost if you have a Chaos Fighter Medal of Honor....
Answers 1  Cross Knight

missed translations Linguar [1]
10:28 , 14 Sep. 2010
Don't know if it was already reported, but on the exam of the laws there is a translation missing.

When the question about the capital letters comes up, it says:...
Answers 1  Cross Knight

Typo RedClaw [2]
21:10 , 03 Sep. 2010

A stack of old and aged papers. You cannot make out what is written on it ? time and moisture have done their part....
Answers 1  Cross Knight

referral link D_House [10]
14:05 , 09 Sep. 2010
dude have register on my referral link, took the Level 3 and yielded nothing. Why
Answers 1  Cross Knight

typo dshield1 [6]
23:29 , 08 Sep. 2010
Just spit it out, and stop your incoherent babbling. lf]*The annoyed dragon blows steam from his nostrils.*

Conversation with Striagorn about the resurrection of RaskriuTsu...
Answers 3  dshield1, dshield1, Cross Knight

o influence Gen [3]
09:30 , 09 Sep. 2010
Why do all my events show 0 influence?
Answers 1  Cross Knight

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