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The most common type of daily fraud in the game    [0] quote
21:12 , 12 Feb. 2009
The most common type of daily fraud in the game

I am writing this topic to teach the players, especially the new ones, about the most common type of fraud that can be encountered in game. Do not think that you can’t be swindled in this way, because it can happen to everyone, to some easyer, to some harder, but everyone can be swindled.

1) One of the most popular versions of Fraud: Player-X offers you something to buy, or wants to buy something from you, after you trade, you enter a money player, click on the circle in its upper corner, and click confirmation after that. Suddenly he cancels his thing. Naturally you ask the questions “What happened?”. He assures you that this is just a bug in the game, and everything is OK, that it is the usual lag, and requests that you re-press OK and then confirmation. He’s persuasive, and it really is a bargain, so you reluctantly agree. And you, in the end you agree. Congratulations, you have successfully been swindled of your money.

2) This option is also very popular - player-X writes in chat, that he will borrow something from you, for money, of course, or it may be a friendly guy, someone that easily offers to help you in sticky situations, and helps you fight while grouping with you, then, when you trust him, he or she once inadvertently asked you to lend you some kind of thing. Very often this is done when the other character has a women's profile, but often this is not a girl, just a guy who has been specifically chosen a female profile))).

Once you give him/her something, you can say goodbye to the friendship, and to the object.

3) The third type of swindling, came with professions, it is a very cunning way to cheat you, and it is very difficult to prove.

Principle: Player's create an Internet site, and say it was for a guild of some professions. What does this mean? It means that this group of players of any one profession where you offer assistance, recipes, resources, and may address some problems in the profession. You are invited to register on the site, under only one condition: you must register your nickname and a password, which you use in the game so that everyone knows who you are.
In 90% of cases that occur afterwards the player-X, that created the site, is on to you, and when you go off-line, logs on to your account, and takes away all that he can.

4) You are a nice lass/lad, you’re new to the game, a cute person of the opposite sex approaches you, you get acquainted, you write poems and serenades to each other, fall in “virtual” love, exchange photos, speak day and night, and after a while Player-X offers to help level your character by exchanging passwords. He/she will gladly give it’s password first, then you give yours and BAM.. char stolen, password stolen, all items go to the other guy, who runs them thru a series of multies and then they disappear.

5) This type of swindling is based on threats or the offering of certain privileges in the game.

Player-X meets with you, and says that he has a very good friend in admin, or even his brother, or a relative.

Then he threatens you, or that you are toast, if you do not give him everything, or says that you will get advantages the game, as his friend Admin))) will certainly give you stuff.

6) And the last type of swindling: Player-X meets with you, in private. You give him your e-mail, thinking no harm done, he doesn’t have my password. After he has your e-mail, he creates an e-mail, similar to administration e-mail in the game, and writes a letter, where he says that for an activation or check, you must enter your data, First Name, Last Name , year of birth, login, password. Of course, you reply and send the data, then Player X gets all the data to your character.

Everything I have written are the most popular types of schemes, of course much more complex frauds exist, but these are the most common.

The main rules that you must abide :

1) Look closely at trade, only trade when the other offers what he promised. The game does not have lags where items do not show. The game has two protection filters. Take great care, you both pressed ok, and the item is there. IF he removes the item, you must click OK again!!

2) Do not believe anyone, and do not rent money and belongings, to unknown, or untrustworthy persons. Always write your deals in forum, if they are there, and approved by a guard, chances are a lot higher you’ll be able to get your money/items back.

3) Do not enter into any Guild on obscure sites, but if you do decide to do so,do not use the same e-mail/password, you used when registering for the game.

4) Trade only with persons you know well, and always try to write the trade in forums. Otherwise, guards will have a very hard time trying to help you…

5) Do not believe players who pretend to be friends admins, even if it so, admins do not give special privileges to players, much less to friends of friends of friends of admins))))

6) If you decide you like someone and wish to communicate by e-mail, sharing photos, then make a different e-mail, do not give your game e-mail!!!

Remember all can be frauded, small and big, do not think yourself invincible, just recently many American investors lost 50 billion dollars, to the former chairman of Wall Street Bernard L. Madoff. So take care.
Be careful, and good luck)

Copywrite xaxam 2008. Translation by Irish

-Creative- [3] 22:19 , 12 Feb. 2009
really good for teaching on how to swindle
guys - really - just like the game - you get all sorts - just the idiots are louder by: wolfqueen.

Fia Pyroness [6] 23:09 , 12 Feb. 2009

That transparent undies of urs makes u look hot...

23:46 skarby : thank you but what is tha meaning of the word laid?

[0] 08:58 , 13 Feb. 2009

Borgir [9] 09:04 , 13 Feb. 2009

Very good thread

+599 to you

TheUnderdog [6] 09:22 , 13 Feb. 2009

Are you from Ireland? O.o
you m be dead in real life TheUnderdog

*~*~*~* The Shareef dont like it ~ Rock the Casbah *~*~*~*

White Raven [5] 10:40 , 13 Feb. 2009
this should be a sticky, i am personally going to refer new players to this post during mentor shifts

it's good to go to a game and relax, but you must always be aware of the risks

thanks, Irish and Igor
if you have any difficulties in Faeo, feel free to ask me any questions you might have, i am usually available if i am online *OFFICIAL ADMIN GROUPIE*

joah [9] 11:01 , 13 Feb. 2009
but all must remember its only a game we play for fun :)

CosaNostra [4] 12:18 , 13 Feb. 2009
excellent thread.

how raven said, this should be a sticky.

something else; 3 times till now, some players offering to help me (when i was playin' with my old caracter) with some cheat programs...programs that can raise my profession or fight with monsters when im not at pc.
no caracter was bigger then lvl 2.

Mistress P [9] 14:20 , 13 Feb. 2009
Excelent post! +1 for making it sticky

Niccci [8] 15:12 , 13 Feb. 2009

+1 All players should take care of their actions.

SK_DarkNight [8] 19:39 , 13 Feb. 2009

Nice thread

Salka [9] 10:35 , 16 Feb. 2009

who say what we play for fun??? we r fught!!
Best, Salka

_Bester_ [7] 11:24 , 01 Apr. 2009
AlL FlOoD FoR _Bester_

subosh [5] 23:05 , 04 Apr. 2009
Wish I had read this 4 weeks ago :)

Schoenberg [9] 16:22 , 21 Apr. 2009
Don't forget the one where Admins put up trade fair, offer wonderful items for sale, wait for people to paypal many diamonds to buy the items then take the items away without offering refunds.
Note to Self: Stop reading the forums when you are in combat!!

Dark Gryphon [2] 17:20 , 21 Apr. 2009

Please give a reason why Waygate Publishing would care about game balance, knowing full well that Astrum were going to take over the server. I'm dieing to know. Also, there have been full refunds - you have the same amount of gold as you had on April 15th, and all diamonds have been credited to your account. If not, stick a thread in Admin forum.

Astrum, on the other hand, is trying to get a load of new players to join - this is difficult when players are running around CC with axes/MO helms. Therefore, they do have a reason. However, they could have got rid of the axes with much less fuss, simply by taking them out of people's backpacks and writing a forum post. The extra valour/ranks/eyes/rep could've just been left alone - they'll still get enough money from new PayPallers, which is what they want.

Schoenberg [9] 17:29 , 21 Apr. 2009
Dark Gryphon

Maybe astrum does not care, but its a form of false advertising to put up an item in the game only to have it deleted. As you should be aware, many people paypalled diamonds specifically for trade fair items...for a service that was not given ultimately.

I think you are right though, Astrum is counting on new players because their actions are certainly going to drive away old ones.
Note to Self: Stop reading the forums when you are in combat!!

LadyJadetress [1] 21:43 , 26 Apr. 2009
trying to get out of the party that i'm in and need to know how please

[0] 06:20 , 28 Apr. 2009

Thanks for the info! I could see myself falling for the trade scam, but I won't now!

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