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Attack on Guards and Mentors    toliktolik [15] quote
17:52 , 14 May 2009

The thread was becoming offensive and insulting with baseless accusations.

The new rules to handle attack on guards:

1) Warning first IF person is on guard and it's preventing his work from being done. As some of the stuff that some Guards do is secret, we can't reveal public rules for that. This rule DOES NOT apply to Moderators which are not on shift :D

2) Repeat attack after warning = 1 diamond jail.

3) If you want to appeal, prepare to have logs and a reason why you've attacked guards. Send abuse appeals to, appeals for attack of guards will only be investigated by staff officials, not other guards.

The new rules to handle attack on Mentors:

Attacks on on-duty Mentors in Settlement of Klesva or Settlement of Chernag either by execution or by sending amulets of attack, including Elusive Atshi Bats and Blind Phkadds, are forbidden.

On-duty Mentors can be recognised by their Greetings flood in location channel. There will be no excuse accepted that a player did not realise the Mentor was on-duty.

Players not biding by this rule will be jailed with release on payment of 1 diamond.

Hack-n-slashing that stale world

_Bester_ [8] 17:56 , 14 May 2009
AlL FlOoD FoR _Bester_

Hatredbkp [0] 17:59 , 14 May 2009

Death and Taxes are inevitable, same as injury... suffering for it is optional, Get healed!

Weiss [9] 17:59 , 14 May 2009
Much better
Like i care what you think.

toliktolik [15] 18:01 , 14 May 2009
   Hatred wrote(à):

Posting the BS part is really smart while being the Mentor. Any arguments? Isn't Mentor supposed to be wise?
Hack-n-slashing that stale world

SAgramor [9] 18:04 , 14 May 2009

wise, not dumb as a rock and say yes to anything our so beloved adms say...

nonsense +1
I read playboy as much as i read national geographic
I always loved to see places ill never visit :P

MegaUnique [12] 18:13 , 14 May 2009
I take the orders for some guards:) but the huge amount of money. Nevertheless, before attacking I am asking the guard whether he is on shift or not.)
P.S: taking an order for executing guard is a good reason?

Flyer [8] 18:21 , 14 May 2009

1) Why can't possibility to know work Guard or not?
2) Why work of Guards not transparent for others plyers?
3) What different betwen investigation Guard's work and Moderator's work?
4) Magnetic turbulence on the Sun - enough reason for Atack Guards?
5) Executioner for increase own mastery also must have reason? Why Guards when playing like others Plyers have more possibilites? This Guys receive money and Things with same characteristic with Valor Things for his Work. This is not enough?

toliktolik [15] 18:29 , 14 May 2009
The Order of the Guards in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is the game’s moderation and control structure.

The main task of the structure is the creation of a comfortable playing environment and enforcement of the game’s rules.

This means:
• Control of the game chat and forum in respect of the chat and forum rules
• Anti-fraud, deception and hacking operations and the reparation of their consequences,
• Tracing of game rule violations and punishment of offenders in accordance with the listed rules
Guards can by distinguished from other players by their clan symbol, which is shown by the name of all members of the Order of the Guards:
Only players displaying this symbol are genuine Guards, meaning you can always tell if someone is trying to deceive you by pretending to be a member of the Guards.
Every player accepts the User Agreement when they register and also agrees to recognize and abide by the game rules. A player’s use of the game is reason enough to be investigated for suspected rule violations and subsequent punishments in such cases where violations are uncovered.

As there are just a very few players with a Guard logo, players always have a special interest with them. They are a magnet for Executioners. They are special. They spend hours doing the dirty job of figuring out who broke the rules.

Players want to attack something special. And it is OK to attack them unless it interferes with the said above. Cause Guards actually play the game :)
Hack-n-slashing that stale world

erlkonig [7] 18:32 , 14 May 2009

I think these rules are fair.

-SS-mag buster [7] 22:03 , 14 May 2009
so then its ok if moderater guard gets executed for a rightfull silencing?
doesnt make any sence

Zebedee [0] 22:46 , 14 May 2009
-SS-mag buster

You have a good point, what's most likely to happen is that a mod Guard will not gag higher-level executioner players because they know that they will get executed and injured straight after.

Why not say attacks on Guards/Mentors as a result of that player's actions as a Guard/Mentor, on the balance of probabilities to an impartial observer, are illegal?
This character is under investigation for deceipt and fraud (possibly account of ex-Mentors/Guards used by his relatives).

Irish [10] 22:50 , 14 May 2009
Zebedee // -SS-mag buster

As I read it, it says
As some of the stuff that some Guards do is secret, we can't reveal public rules for that. This rule DOES NOT apply to Moderators :D

Moderator rules are public, but moderators are still guards, and attacks on guards will be painfull for the attacker.

Zebedee [0] 23:03 , 14 May 2009

Umm. Maybe. It's a kind of confusing sentence. Can't reveal public rules for determining when an FBI Guard is undercover? What rule doesn't apply to Mods then, the rule that says Admin cannot reveal Top Secret Guardy Stuff about them?

The other thing is, there's nothing in these rules about the motivation behind an attack (unless the attacker doesn't heed the warning, attacks again, is imprisoned and wants to appeal). As they stand, as long as the Guard isn't being FBI at the time, people can attack the Guard for imprisoning his mate.

For example, suppose a member of Clan X is imprisoned, and there are six good executioners in his clan. Then each one of them could go and execute him - the most that could happen to them was that if he was lucky enough to be FBI at the time, he could give a warning to each one separately. Then they could repeat the exercise as soon as they might reasonably guess he's gone non-FBI.

There has to be some statement about motivation in attacking a Guard, IMHO.
This character is under investigation for deceipt and fraud (possibly account of ex-Mentors/Guards used by his relatives).

[0] 23:40 , 14 May 2009
-SS-mag buster

think ill still jail anyone who attacks guards for being jailed or gaged, as this is part of their job i dont think that a mod needs to be on shift since it is retailiation for a part of their job (or attacking other guards not originally involved in the case just to retailiate). If you are randomly killing people and kill a guard as he is hunting or something then that would be fine, just not in retailiation for their job no matter when the attack occurs. Since investigators do not have shifts (I spend about 90% of my in game time working) its harder to tell when they are working, but usually we are afk somewhere like the auction or the post office or in city, if we are walking around or hunting or something like that then feel free to attack (again as long as it is not retailiation for a punishment). Presonally, i dont care if im attacked while searching someone (I always like a good fight, human or mag), just as long as it is not in retailiation for jailing a friends or somethin like that.

Also, i will join in the fight of any guard or mentor with full blessings and kill and injure anyone who attacks one of my friends (weither it is for retailiation of just for some good ol' exe raising) so if you are working on your exe and see an easy guard target then make sure im not online.

Fia Pyroness [6] 23:47 , 14 May 2009
Its good that I am not a guard with jailing powers.

Or else

I would have jailed everysingle person in this game who are higher than L5 for 5 days and killed all of them lower lvls till I lvled up + got my exe till 90...

Once they come out, I'll jail myself and give a 50 diamond fee (purify myself from evil thoughts)....

Then come out and jail anyone who attacks me, cause I have not sinned! I have purified myself already!.

You guys be happy....cause its never gonna happen in this lifetime....

23:46 skarby : thank you but what is tha meaning of the word laid?

Fallena [11] 23:53 , 14 May 2009
I hope we not got jailing for killing mag guards on shift (or at least we need a translator:o))

-SS-mag buster [7] 23:55 , 14 May 2009
Fia PyronessFia Pyroness

erlkonig [7] 00:18 , 15 May 2009

As guards from both races appear to communicate with one another, you might be able to ask your guards which mag guards are on shift so that you know to avoid atacking them.

[0] 00:28 , 15 May 2009
Oh yeah, remember my offer to quit mags and re-roll has human to the first human who kills me while afk in our city :) It still stands :))

See, i still know how to enjoy the game

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