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Mentor Trainee Guidebook    Anu6is [6] quote
00:52 , 02 Aug. 2009
[Revised edition of the Kerberos Guide for New Trainees]

Ok, so you've been accepted as a Mentor Trainee. Well then... this guide is intended to help you through your training shifts.

Before we get into that though, there are a few key pieces of information that are vital to your duties as a Mentor/Mentor Trainee.
Please review the following articles:
Game Rules
Chat Rules
Mentor Code of Conduct
Guide to Level 1 Quests (Magmars Guide | Human Guide)


When you enter the Settlement or Chernag or the Settlement of Klesva, ensure that both your Location channel and Trade channel are turned ON (as a trainee you may want to turn off clan chat and end any private conversations that may be distracting). The first step, when you begin a shift, is to greet the new players. When your shift is over, be sure to say good bye (at this point, send a complaint alerting other Mentors that the location is now free). The courtesy of a warning message when your shift is near its end is also customary. This allows players to put forth any questions they have before you leave (this would also be a good point to alert other Mentors that the location would soon be clear by sending a complaint on this warning message).

You can use the following messages or any variation thereof:

Greetings Warriors, I am a Mentor. Im here to answer all of your questions.

Warriors, i will leave you in 10 minutes. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me before i leave.

Warriors, I must leave you to go and play the game. If you have any questions left unanswered please dont be afraid to ask myself or any other member of the Mentor team.


Please note, you are expected to do at least 5 shifts a week for a duration of 2 weeks.

When you are on duty, your role is to attempt to answer all questions asked as well as to encourage players to ask questions. There would be times during your shift when nobody has anything to ask, and everybody seems to have forgotten that you are there. For this reason it is a good idea to have a FLOOD MESSAGE set, that reminds everybody that you are there to help.

Example: Warriors, remember I am a Mentor Trainee. Im here to answer all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need help

Pay heed to the inhabitants list (manually refresh it every 3 minutes) and prv level 1 characters with the message:

:hi: Need help? Ask in chat and we'll help you!

DO NOT message multiple characters at once; send individual messages in private. Try to remember those you messaged already so as not to spam players with the same message repeatedly. Also, pay attention to those players in the location that have been ghosts for some time. Prv them and inform them of how to resurrect.

Example: To resurrect your character, click on Temple

When a player says hi, respond to them with a greeting and IF you missed them with your private messages, offer some assistance.

Hi there, if you have any questions feel free to ask, i'll try my best to answer them
or simply
Hey... need some help?

If you sent the the generic prv message before then a simple response of hello/hi/hey would suffice.

Furthermore, it is your duty to maintain a peaceful/friendly environment in Chernag/Klesva. As such, you are in charge of CHAT MODERATION. As a trainee you do not have the ability to silence players. Hence, it is the responsibility of the Mentor overseeing your shift to give out the necessary gags, however, as this is training you are still to take charge of the situation. Warn all players of chat rule infringments and provide them with a link to the chat rules (response time is critical, think about CREATING A MACRO). You can prv your "Instructor" and have them perform any necessary gags. Please be aware that there are some EXTRA RULES that need to be observed in relation to the chat in these locations.

When your shift is over and you've said goodbye, step into the bank or post office and E-mail your SHIFT LOG to the Head Mentor. Remember also to save a copy of the logs using the CLIENT and store it on your PC (This would be used to solve any cases of disputes).


Here are a few tips to improve the efficiency of your shift.

1. Change the color of your messages to something bright and easily distinguishable from the rest of text that may be present in the location.

2. Hit F8 to increase the size of your chat area


4. Set a FLOOD for every 3-4 minutes to remind players that you are present in the location

5. Use the flood mentioned above (tip 4) as a reminder to refresh the inhabitants list and prv the new lvl 1 players

6. Browse the FORUM and pickup useful advise (save links where necessary), learn the chat rules, game rules and the details of all level 1 quests. Refresh your knowledge of all quests at least up to level 3. Read up on the various reputation and how to achieve them. The forum is a vital source of information... USE IT!

Sed Quis custodiet ipsos custodes --- But who would guard the guardians themselves

Anu6is [6] 00:55 , 02 Aug. 2009

Aside from assiting players with the various questions that they may have, the next major aspect of a Shift is dealing with people who break the chat rules, as trainees this is a little harder for you since you do not have the ability to gag. Until you reach Mentor status you should warn the player in main chat, so other players can see what NOT to do as well. Provide them with a link to he CHAT RULES after the warning. Prv your trainer if you wish for them to silence a player.

As a Mentor in Training you are responsible for seeing that ALL CHAT RULES are maintained. Please make special not of the chat rules made specificially for the Settlement of Chernag and Settlement of Klesva. They are as follows:


- No Clan ads in Chernag and Smoky Knolls | No Clan ads in Klesva and free Meadows.
- A player higher then lvl 2, decides to spark a discussion in Chernag/Klesva, and drones on, disturbing
the new players ( here you may send a prv message first to warn them, if you consider they can learn).
- A player higher than lvl 2 running trade floods in Chernag/Klesva (Send a private message requesting that they turn it off, it they continue, place a 15 minute gag on the player.)
- 2 smiles in messages in short time period from [2]+ player = 15 minute gag so player will go away from the location and will not interfere with mentoring. If he reached level 2, he must understand what Mentors are doing there.

NOTE: It is expected that you know and maintain all other CHAT RULES as well.


"How to hunt" (no reason to hunt in klesva/chernag, do not confuse players!)
"you could find armor while hunting" (this happens to very few percents of players who listen to the advice above)
"how to earn money" (lvl [1] doesn't need money if they follow quests)

Sed Quis custodiet ipsos custodes --- But who would guard the guardians themselves

Anu6is [6] 00:55 , 02 Aug. 2009

At the end of your shift, you are required to E-mail a text version of your chat logs to the Head Mentor (E-mail address shoudl be provided in-game) and save, via the CLIENT, a .cl version to your computer. You should keep shifts logs stored on your personal PC for at least two weeks, after which time they may be deleted. These logs will be requested if there is a need to resolve any disputes during/about your shift.

The chat log feature is the second icon (from left to right) in the row of icons to the right of your client interface. At the end of a shift, use the filter buttons to filter out clan chat and group chat.


Send the email to the Head Mentor's email address as soon after a shift as possible.

For Humans, send your Chat Logs to Head Mentor: Airlia
For Magmars, send your Chat Logs to Head Mentor: Anu6is

The requirements for sending your shift logs to the Head Mentor as as follows.

Chat Log [Character Name] - [Date of shift]

Body of E-mail:
Date: dd-mm-yyyy
Time: 12:00 - 13:00 (server time)
Place: Settlement of Chernag/Klesva

[copy paste your shift here]

Transfering your shift log from the client to email

1. Turn off ALL channels and put all private conversations on pause (recieving a message sometimes causes a glitch).
2. Open the Cleient Chat Log.
3. Click on the first line of your shift.
4. Hold down the mouse button (do not release until you are finished).
5. Drag your cursor downwards, highlighting all lines related to your shift (Stop at your goodbye message).
6. Right click on any part of the highlighted text and select the option "Copy Selection to Clipboard".
7. Right click in the body of your e-mail and paste the selected fragment there.
8. Proceed directly into saving this log to your PC


Saving a .cl Chat Log using your client.

- If you followed the steps outlined above, all text related to your shift should still be highlighted.
- If this text is no longer highlighted, simply follow steps 1-5 above and then proceed with the following.

1. Look to the top left of your Clients Chat log window and locate the "Save Selected Fragment to File" icon.
- It's the second icon from the left.
2. Click this icon.
3. Enter a file name. Example: Shift Log Jan-01-09 (Using the date as part of the name will help u retrieve it easier if needed)
4. Select a desired directory on your computer (Create a designated folder id you wish)
5. Click Save.
6. Ensure that the log was saved properly by selecting the icon "Open Previously Saved Chat Log"

Sed Quis custodiet ipsos custodes --- But who would guard the guardians themselves

Anu6is [6] 00:56 , 02 Aug. 2009

To Set a Flood

- Click on the "Auto-answer Settings" icon at the top right of you client interface (third icon from left to right, image of a computer).
- Select "Flood Settings"
- Enter your desired message in the text box provided (Message text)
- Select the chat channel you wish the message to appear in (Channel: Location)
- Select how often you would like the message to be repeated (Send interval, minutes).
- Ensure that the checkbox next to the word "Flood!" is ticked/selected
- Click "Ok" to activate the flood.

Note: To turn off floods at the end of your shift, deselect the checkbox and click "Ok"

To Create Macros

- Click on the "Auto-answer Settings" icon
- Select "Chat Macro Settings"
- Click "New"
- Type your desired message
- Click within the Hotkeys text box
- Select a letter or number to map the message to.

Note: To use your macro, simply press on your keyboard ALT and the letter/number that you assigned to a given message

Message Text: :hi: Need help? Ask in chat and we'll help you!
HotKey: ALT + G

Whenever you press ALT+G the message
:hi: Need help? Ask in chat and we'll help you!
will appear in your chat box, simply press enter to send.

Sed Quis custodiet ipsos custodes --- But who would guard the guardians themselves

xAkirax [8] 01:43 , 02 Aug. 2009
Couldn't have said it better myself. Awesome job Noobis.
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thorack [7] 21:06 , 03 Feb. 2010
yep that is as cut and dry as possible ty

fawo [4] 21:09 , 03 May 2010

jeckle [10] 07:46 , 28 Jul. 2010
Cool this isn't so bad.

Kirisin [5] 07:03 , 29 Jul. 2010
very helpful

Lady Jedi [10] 02:05 , 02 Aug. 2010
for humans shift reporting format is different, please refer to your first training shift for new format

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