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You love events? Share your ideas with us and let it became real!    Yvil [16] quote
15:24 , 26 Mar. 2010

We all know you love events and we have lots of them. But we want to make it even more special.
Here you can post your ideas about events you want to join.

Tell us a story, what are the requirements and so on. Everything what has to be in it.
Posts with just a sentence or not well thought ideas we wont take into any considerations.

Use your fantasy and your love for the game!
Maybe the next event is just what you were dreaming about for so long.

Let's go!

privet2 [4] 15:49 , 26 Mar. 2010
- ?

AbsoluteZero [6] 17:49 , 26 Mar. 2010
More PVP events pls

For example cave tournament

--AlphaMale-- [5] 18:15 , 26 Mar. 2010
less events with summons, more level restricted PvP events.
that way nobody complains about too many summons or low.high levels ruining great battles
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-AnthraX- [5] 18:30 , 26 Mar. 2010
thise event today is a great start!
some point in my eyes we could change!
1. no summons in location (cause many player looks for valour not tons of exp from killing summons)
2. in location bring valour bonus for losing fights too like tallaar ( so ppl will come for sure in location
after losed fight cause they get valour too and the event would run really all day long )

and like AbsoluteZero just sayed more cave tournaments ( in my eyes all 2 weeks )

BigSteve14 [4] 18:33 , 26 Mar. 2010
a special event where lower levels can enter tallars(starting at level 5) for a day, same rules as normal tallars would apply but level 5 players can enter

Scoobysnacks22 [3] 18:34 , 26 Mar. 2010
come on an event of lvl1-5 6-8 9-11 12-15
something that has to do with a fight club join a group and fight

-shade- [5] 18:45 , 26 Mar. 2010
Daily Events (e.g. like graveyard lights etc)
Rewards should go higher than their current maximum influence, with greater rewards like gnome runes (not counterfit), quicksilver, and gnome coins.

Special Events
More tournaments with strict rules, as -AnthraX- said regarding summons - certain events should have them banned, valour players don't want the exp, and the people with grey/green sets get wiped out.
Have different tiers for the low level pvp's including: Grey sets only, Grey/Green only, Green/Blue only and Blue only.
Have non-valour events as well as the valour ones, we aren't ALL valour players here and you could do some great rewards like Assassin's Battle Axe, Artful Armour, Gnome Coins, Chess Pieces etc << These events would be more like the enraged kodrag or revenge of kretch butcher event.
A new BIG event with black medal reward (once a year?)
More funny events like the sickle fights and fishermen fights
An event that is less fighting but more of a race (profession) to see who can mine as many resources in a set location in a set time. Whoever gets the most wins a purple prof item (bring them over from russian server!)
Organized Clan vs Clan event - winner gets a free clan crest (if already lvl2) or free clan upgrade (if lvl1)
Mercenary pvp - participants recieve merc rep instead of valour

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Ceasar [2] 18:47 , 26 Mar. 2010
very simple,

more valour ,,, uk rep events for each level.

something like leather tourny's we had a long time ago.

for example:

CC lvl11/12

1. only leather
2. no buffs
3. no summons

victory team:
triple valour normal cc.
50 uk rep

defeated team:
valour between normal defeat and victory
10 uk rep

Priest_Mozgus [3] 18:47 , 26 Mar. 2010
Event/quest level 12 nexus of chaos
mag event The shattered pieces of the Rod of Fire rumored to have disappeared into oblivion have been located at 6 different locations each with its own requirment to attain that piece. event reward rod of fire as a generalist weapon you work out the stats admins an make it meant for fire users.

human side drop dead.

shrek [12] 18:53 , 26 Mar. 2010
more events 11+

Moonwalker [8] 18:53 , 26 Mar. 2010
events encouraging battlefields, particularly cc) like make every monday be a leather cc day with no summons, just steeds or smth :)
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Ceasar [2] 18:53 , 26 Mar. 2010
why i think my idea should win?

because a lot of people are seeking valour and uk rep.
one essentional part is missing in this story, the way at it is now, the red uk badge cannot be captured.

most of the people are crying for more valour events, look at the number of topics on the forum for join the que! join the que!

players after lvl3/4 are happy when 1 instance starts because it is so minimum.
this way there will be more activity and more combat in the instances.

i think this is also a great solutions for the higher lvls, to go against getting bored.
i think events like these should be held every 2 weeks

Priest_Mozgus [3] 18:55 , 26 Mar. 2010
p.s. cave event where any level can enter but only wear armor up to level 5 an all magic neutralized.

master 1 [2] 18:56 , 26 Mar. 2010

Will Ironfoote [5] 18:57 , 26 Mar. 2010
we should have a zigred assassin event like on french server, 10-90s per lv3 zigred with only 186hp.

-shade- [5] 18:58 , 26 Mar. 2010
Moonwalker +1 for encouraging battlefields, a lot of people are scared to go in and some can't afford a good run
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Will Ironfoote [5] 19:09 , 26 Mar. 2010

Skellington [13] 19:09 , 26 Mar. 2010
Event where mages cannot use their Magic!! would be really nice =)

babak_khoramdin [6] 19:38 , 26 Mar. 2010
we need more valour events...same as that moonwalker said, or some battlefields for players with less than elite rank, who dont have belts or more crystaline cave turnament pls we bored to stay in queue and do nothing

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