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Who do I complain to    Holy Death [4] quote
00:05 , 17 Aug. 2010
This program froze on me twice costing me money. With damage to my armor. Also there were 2 lvl5 mags in the 3-4 lvl CC They were lvl 5 when they came to the instance. What is up with that. But I really need to speak with someone in charge. Thank you.
Holy Death.

Shevek [6] 21:05 , 18 Aug. 2010
This page has contact information. Check it to see emails for reporting game issues and other things.

But if your system freezes, it is unlikely that it means that the entire game froze. Unfortunately, individual issues like internet connectivity problems or old versions of flash cannot be handled by the game administrators. You'll need to work those out yourself.

Sometimes players queue for CC when they are still level 4 and then kill enough things to gain the exp to become level 5. Then they can still get a confirm for the level 3/4 CC for which they queued.

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