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paypals vs free players    baktin [4] quote
13:28 , 28 Aug. 2010
this game is starting to get suck! paypallers need not to hunt anymore all they have to do is use their paypal accounts to buy armors and go on cc.. one player even throw a tiger on me while i stayed at the human base camp.
a clan of paypallers go on cc,,free palyers who doesnt have paypal acounts are getting massacred. what chance do we have against them? a level 3 paypal user have a complete set of anger with runes.. they can even take out a lvl 5 free user. this game is becoming unfair to free users.
when i started playing this game, thought it was cool and great, but its starting to get suck because of paypallers.

Ong-Bak [4] 13:30 , 28 Aug. 2010
i dont paypal m8

RedClaw [2] 13:31 , 28 Aug. 2010

Oh man, another person? Come on, there are upsides, you've just got to work on your proffesions to get more money to buy armour, then get a good group of people and massacre them back
I am not here to make enemies, just to play and have FUN... But rub me the wrong way and you will feel my wrath...

Styx [4] 13:32 , 28 Aug. 2010
I agree, lets disable paypal as an option alltogether :) I am sure you will be more than willing to pay admins salary, server maintenance, and other bills required to run the place

King-Demon [10] 13:32 , 28 Aug. 2010
i used to do CC with a team of leather dudes against human paypallers...and i still won, as a matter of fact got my 6 wins in a row feat done :P
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--Tridel-- [6] 13:42 , 28 Aug. 2010
yet another paypaler vs non paypaler thread, it wont change, just deal with it
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ultimateslayer [9] 13:43 , 28 Aug. 2010
i dont paypal...look at me..i aint doing soo bad am i? so instead of spending time here in the forum moaning why dont u start working ur profession?
You trust me!?! lol that makes 1

Apollon [12] 13:51 , 28 Aug. 2010

Skysleyar [8] 13:51 , 28 Aug. 2010

what the hell is wrong with you guys i really don't understand you anymore.
all i see is WHINING and guys in gray armor
the fact that you're a noob and that you aren't smart enough to prosper here is nothing paypall related
first of all you don't have any green armor
then i am sure that you don't spend 3+ gold per cc to get properly prepared

sorry but back when i was level 4 humans had good players who knew what to do for a change
i had full twilight with nw swords and i'm no paypaller so why is it so hard for you
and even if we didn't have full team with blue armor we gave "the horrible paypallers" a run for their money so stop whining and get to work
Herbologist 16
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what do you expect from this

Skysleyar [8] 13:53 , 28 Aug. 2010

you won't handle the truth

-god-_-fire- [5] 13:59 , 28 Aug. 2010
oh well
Mentor Help site - very helpfull site
when people abouve lvl5 join fights and have no history for lootstealing, dont call them a loot stealer, they either dont like you, or they think they are helping.

RedClaw [2] 14:06 , 28 Aug. 2010

Seriously though, use your proffesion enough, and you will become as good as the paypallers if not better, it just takes time...

P.S. Those recipes you've got for sale in your info won't sell, people can get them easily for free, so sell them to the shop (it's what I've always done)
I am not here to make enemies, just to play and have FUN... But rub me the wrong way and you will feel my wrath...

Regeneration [5] 14:12 , 28 Aug. 2010
Not necessarily. You can also dominate the CC without paypalling.

Use your profession to gather resources and sell them. Or create elixirs, scrolls etc. and sell them. It just takes a lot of time to raise some gold. Then you can buy good armour and use summons to win CCs.

Paypalling only makes improvements of your character faster. But it is not a must to succeed in the game.

Achelous [4] 15:11 , 28 Aug. 2010
I dont paypal ;) Im just really lucky....I found this armour under a rock on my first day :P
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ruz [4] 15:14 , 28 Aug. 2010
Well the thread is actually..accusing peeps paypalling..(hey hey i luv paypaller..) can u tell me if one peeps is paypalling? i dont and hardly i will say i lose due to other peeps paypalling..and even if they do so..its their right.

paypalling is good..but i dont practise it coz its too expensive in my country..learn before u say peeps paypalling dude

-Grim Gargoyle- [5] 15:20 , 28 Aug. 2010
   Ong-Bak wrote():
i dont paypal m8

yeah and look where that got you

lol. am just joking :P

--Andromeda-- [4] 15:20 , 28 Aug. 2010
Lazzy ppl with his whinng stuff

go kill Kretch

I will always be a noob, so what then......

hellrocker27 [9] 15:35 , 28 Aug. 2010
no need for paypall easy to make money here

Chrissie [10] 16:13 , 28 Aug. 2010

Seriously, where would we be without Paypal? Either; a) with a monthly fee, or b) no game at all. You should be thanking those who paypal for allowing you to play the game for free. People need to wake up and see the bigger picture!

Fairy Tale [3] 16:15 , 28 Aug. 2010
Queue for CC whiner
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