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Many, Many Thanks to my Mentors    C-Coop58 [3] quote
19:15 , 14 Sep. 2010
It is with my undying gratitude for the patience of my Mentors: TheShadowOne and Irish who kindly helped me (and continue to do so) as I continue to weave my way through this insane world of Faeo. While Newbies like me might ask some crazy and obvious questions - they have always been courteous and professional, and as I grow in this realm, I'm amazed at the task before them. So thanks, guys, for your time and devotion to we the players. You're all class.

TheShadowOne [6] 06:59 , 16 Sep. 2010
there is a thread here for thanking mentors aswell :)

But thanks heaps. its always nice to know that my help is appreciated. it is what i live for.

Good Luck, may the force be with you.
Calling: Human Mentor
Clan: The Jedi Order
Thank a Mentor:

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