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Elmore are you a noob?    _EvAcUaTe_ [4] quote
09:31 , 27 Sep. 2010
come on mate just coz i was smashing you hands down at plat you call help from kate4446?
wow humans just cant take getting smashed

Elmore [7] 10:08 , 27 Sep. 2010

I dont need help to damage your set a bit - she joined unasked.

But I am deeply disapointed from you - I expected a good fight and not just a short dance.
Where have been your summons?Your clanmates always throw them. Are you short of money?
Where have been your friends? Usually your clan shows up in bulks. Dont they like you anymore?

And what is that talking about you smashing me in that fight? Sorry - cant remember that part.

_EvAcUaTe_ [4] 10:11 , 27 Sep. 2010
no i didnt call my friends and dont worry they would of come running. I thought id have a fair fight with u and smash you but no some1 had to join and screw it up. i didnt use summons i didnt want to waste my money on a noob who cant take a lvl 4

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