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Plateau fights    MrX [6] quote
09:49 , 29 Sep. 2010
Dear human honour fighters,

i want to express my gratitude for some fine fights at plateau i had yesterday and today. I really enjoy going there and attacking lvl5-7. Even better when all humans with lvl up to 8 team up against me - so I can get more kills

What I don't like is that some high level humans just attack me whereas they do not even get a scalp for that - to name a few Shrek (1 time), Titans22 (3 times). Or is my anti-human rep so high you need to protect your weaklings?

Whatever i'm not complaining, there are no rules at plateau.

CU at plateau.

Addendum: Now it's Shrek 2 times. Well i still think there are some humans with honour

-gandalf- [4] 09:52 , 29 Sep. 2010
MrX, er you had a mage on your side, so shrek punished him for that

MrX [6] 09:57 , 29 Sep. 2010
   -gandalf- wrote():
MrX, er you had a mage on your side, so shrek punished him for that

That's correct. Our lvl11 joined after 5 or 6 humans with lots of summons teamed up against 2 mags. To be more specific I was not referring to mages joining a balanced or tough or whatever fight. I was saying that i was attack right out from the start by those high levels. Cheers!

Fairy Tale [3] 10:28 , 29 Sep. 2010
Mage always unbalances the fight, no matter how many summons are there.

Anyway why would a magelet you get scalps of their low levels? Would you stand and watch humans killing your low level players?
bean ice

-BELIAL- [8] 10:55 , 29 Sep. 2010
yup cee ya at plateu mate
In the name of the holy Hatebreed!Destroy everything!

MrX [6] 15:19 , 29 Sep. 2010
Well I do think there is no sense in going to plateau that way. Today everytime (i think 5 times) i had a fight against several humans lvl5 to 8 always a higher lvl (10+) human joined.

So i propose you should visit arena, temple or CC to get a haircut by MrX. Human queues are almost empty these days.

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