Reward Shop
Here you can receive rewards for the reputation and «Legendary Tenth Anniversary» badges you have earned
Anniversary Celebration

The enemy has been defeated! All warriors joined forces
to drive the ancient gods of Zarlogs back into their tombs!
It is time for surprises, rewards, gifts, and bonuses!

Festive bonuses
available in the game
Start — October 16, 16:00
End — October 26, 16:00
1 Ammunition does not break 2 Injuries heal up right after the fight is over. 3 Gifts every day
4 1.5x VALOUR all over Faeo
5 Extra "Legendary Tenth Anniversary" badges

You can earn anniversary badges for defeating other warriors on the Battlefield.

For victory:

Crystalline Caves Ancient Temple Arena of the Underground Knights Meridian Vaults Chaotic Battles
20 10 5 10 10

For a prize-winning place:

Tallaar’s Halls
6 Anniversary Trophies

When you defeat monsters, you will receive anniversary commemorative coins and Dragon Helmets.

  • Legendary Tenth Anniversary Copper Coin
  • Legendary Tenth Anniversary Silver Coin
  • Legendary Tenth Anniversary Gold Coin
  • Furious Dragon Helmet
  • Furious Dragon Helmet
  • Powerful Dragon Helmet
  • Powerful Dragon Helmet
7 Twice as much for activity!

For activities - 2 chests instead of 1.


  • Reward Casket
This is your last mission in this event.
News of Great Victory
Go to Elder Baguron or Verkiry
to learn about the outcome of the great battle between Unarius and Eshu.