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General information


Estate - this is owned by the player and provides the character with unique play opportunities:

- remote management of bank and additional cells throughout the world;
- automatic production of items according to recipes that have already been studied
- freeze items with a life-span;
- automatic pet training without obtaining owner experience;
- increase/decrease in experience obtained in combat;
- increase valour obtained in combat and much more.


Land Plot


• Purchase Land Plot

Land Plots can be acquired by Warriors of level 5 and above. Open the global world map, in the lower left-hand corner you can find a button to switch the map to real estate mode. By pressing that button you can see the prices for the different plots in different locations within the selected area. Select a suitable offer and buy a plot. If you have managed to do this - Congratulations! You - are the owner of an estate.


You can enter your estate from the location that you completed your purchase at.

If you have forgotten where your land is you can always search for its location on the world map or the special tab in the character information.



Plot price will depend on the population density of the selected location (if you plan to buy a state plot). The more estates there are in the location the higher the cost of estates in that location. You can also buy plots from other players.

Please note! You can buy two plots, but can only build an estate on one of them.


• Sell Land Plot

You can only sell the land plot that does not have your estate on it. It is displayed on the world map in a special way.



In real estate mode in the world map, at the location where your additional land plot can be found, the option to sell will be shown. You can set any price you deem appropriate.



Please note! Your sale price for you own plot will in no way affect the price of plots from the state.


Moving estate

If you have two land plots you can move your buildings from one location to the other. The cost of one  move is  10. Buildings do not need to be reconstructed, the estate is moved instantly without any changes.



It is fairly easy to start the move, you just  need to press the  world map button.




Energy - this is the attribute used when constructing the estate buildings. Each building requires a certain amount of energy for construction of the next level. A player can accumulate no more than a maximum value of energy per day (from 100 to 161 depending on the character level). Energy can only be accumulated by players from level 5 if you have purchased land.
max energy value
player level max. energy per day
Please note! The maximum applies to personal energy accumulation but there is no limit on energy expenditure.


There are two ways to obtain energy:

1.In battles with monsters from your level group, from which there is a money drop (energy cannot be obtained from quest monsters), or in PVP battles with warriors, from which you obtain a scalp.

2. You can buy energy when constructing buildings by placing an advertisement on the Energy Exchange. Note! You cannot buy more energy than the amount of Riolite in your backpack.

After leaving your request, the building will be constructed automatically, as soon as a player confirms that they want to work for you.
Please note! Upon making a request to buy energy the necessary amount of Riolite and money is immediately taken from your backpack in accordance with your request.
If you change your request to buy energy or if you use some of your own energy to construct a building, the money and Riolite is returned
Upon achieving the maximum value at your level energy is no longer accumulated. Energy attributes go to zero once per day, at 12 midnight on the server, although energy that has already been accumulated does not disappear and to accumulate the next energy you need to spend points gained earlier.
You can sell your energy on the Energy Exchange using the button Work, on the upper right-hand corner of your estate or on the world map.



Foundation Trench

There are no buildings on your plot to begin with, but sites (foundation trenches) are marked  for construction.






To construct a building you need a certain amount of Riolite and energy in your backpack.

Riolite - a very strong material that is necessary for construction and enhancement of each estate building. You can buy Riolite in any estate building upon its construction.



Currently estates have nine types of buildings available to build to level five inclusive.

Please note! For each group of characters level there are restrictions on the maximum level of building construction in the estate.


max. estate level
player level max. estate level


Town Hall - central building in the estate, enables owner to continue construction and obtain several additional vault cells. No building can be improved to a higher level than that of the Town Hall. Details


Infirmary - enables the estate owner to speed up healing of wounds obtained in battle. Healing efficiency depends on the building level. Details


Obelisk of Valour - depending on the time the owner spends in the estate, it increases the valour obtained in battle. Details


Statue  of Experience - depending on the time the owner spends in the estate, it can increase/decrease experience obtained in battle. Details


Workshop -  enables the estate owner to make items using their recipes. Production efficiency depends on the building level. Details


Vault -  allows the estate owner to freeze any items that have a life span. Details


Nursery -  allows you to train your pets, gradually increasing experience. Training efficiency depends on the building level. Details


Post Office -  allows owner to send letters directly from their estate. This building is constructed on the first level of the estate and does not change after that.


Shop -  enables the acquisition of food and combat elixirs as well as unique expendable materials and gifts. Details


Wall - protects against attacks from other players with the Scroll of Attack/Executioner or Wraiths. Details


Estate construction will expand: there will be new buildings and opportunities for expanding land plots. This page will be expanded as innovations are introduced.


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