September - In Pursuit of Knowledge

Autumn is not just a time for gathering the harvest or sitting thoughtfully by the fire and walking around golden forests... It is also a time to pursue knowledge and then to test out what has been learned. It is pleasant to sit with a book as multi-coloured leaves fall from the trees, with a little cup of warm elixir or aromatic tea...


But, unfortunately, book lovers cannot rest easy for long! The monsters that inhabit Faeo are not just merciless with the peaceful residents of Faeo, but also with their book collections. By taking precious folios from different corners of the world and tearing vital pages out of them, they have created plenty of work for warriors! You will not only have to fight the evil library robbers, but also look for who one or another parchment might belong to. Luckily, the owners of the devastated book shelves are willing to generously reward those that find their missing books!



Image Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the Dragons
Image Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the DragonsIn Pursuit of KnowledgeImage Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the Dragons
Image Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the Dragons
Difficulties of the wise


Even the wisest of the inhabitants of the world of Faeo cannot know everything. For Pandrik the Wise and Flavviy the Wise, two of the cleverest and most erudite inhabitants, the language of the recruits still remains a mystery.


Pandrik the Wise Flavviy the Wise


Help them and they will reward you with a Certificate of Omniscience!


Text book pages


Monsters, annoyed by convoys of book traders, often attack the travellers and their only escape is to throw the books down and flee as quickly as possible. In the search for prey, predators ravage guides and folios to pieces and take only rare pages back to their lairs.



When hunting for monsters, look for the torn off pages and according to the content of the texts guess who the owners of the damaged books are. But pay attention: only the real owner will give you a reward for the find, all other pages that have been given by mistake to the residents of Faeo will not be returned and there will be no reward for them.


Note! With a victory, draw or even defeat in the Crystalline Caves, Ancient Temple of the Chosen or the Arena of the Underground Knights each warrior could randomly receive one of the torn of pages from the stolen books.


Book Thieves


Every September during the Book Fair, taking advantage of the crowds and confusion in the capitals, devious hunters of ancient manuscripts make forays into magic libraries on Daylight Square and Square of Fire.


Luckily the thieves do not rush to hide with their stolen items, believing that in the hustle and bustle nobody will pay any attention to them and they will be able to steal another few books. It is precisely this arrogance that catches the robbers out: valiant warriors can find the villains and take back the stolen books.



Book Thief







The Thundering Creation of Faeo Folio can be returned to the shelves in the magic library at Daylight Square and Square of Fire to receive a reward, or you can study for yourself the spells contained within the pages of the book. However, warriors that risk reading the book risk becoming one of the monsters of Faeo for several hours!


Test of Knowledge


Some inhabitants of Faeo remember their younger years of exams on magic and other arts... And they are now very glad of the opportunity to test the knowledge of warriors! While travelling the lands of Ogriy and Khair, chat to the sages, elders, masters of their profession and other inhabitants, answer some simple questions and obtain Certificates of Omniscience!


Elder Baguron Elder Verkiry


You can only answer the questions of the inhabitants of Faeo once every 5 hours. The following have their questions ready:


  • Elder Verkiry and Elder Baguron at Centrido Square.
  • The Black Knight at the Ridge of Darkness
  • Agonnyy the Mad at Steppe Vista
  • Living Rock at Gorge of Gondi
  • River Maid at Paradise Corner
  • Soygura the Craftswoman at Square of Fire
  • Ostap the Craftsman at Daylight Square
  • Galash the Merchant at County Vurdaliya
  • Squire Voldemar at Paradise Corner
  • Cabur the Knight at Chion Settlement
  • Burz the Knight at Warrior's Camp
  • Tatlie the Wise at Daigon Islands.


As well as masters of the following professions: Geology, Herbology, Alchemy and Jewellery.


All together there are 15 different questions to answer to receive a Certificate of Omniscience. But remember if you answer incorrectly you will not get a second chance!




In precisely one week the Curiosities Shop will open at the city fairs! For just 30 certificates you will be able to get an Expert Chest, and especially eager warriors can save up sufficient certificates and acquire the tastiest sandwiches and wonderful souvenirs for their friends.





1 1



30 30



10 10



1 1



1 1



5 5



1 1



3 3



  50 50 3 3 3 3


Note! You can only acquire the chest once.




Put your autumn days to good use!

Image Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the Dragons Image Gallery for the online game: Legend - Legacy of the Dragons


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