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 Bonus Tokens and Valor!19.05.2017 14:00

Prepare your blades and armor, warriors! Starting from May 19, 14:00 and till May 22nd, 12:00 winners of the great battles, wherever they are hold at, will receive twice as much valor and reputation!

Moreover winners of the great battles, taking place in the disputed locations, such as Plateau of SilnceHaunted PlaceSunken ships graveyard, will receive a Legendary Tenth Anniversary Badge as a reward and their armor won't break in these locations. Do not forget that at the Plateau of Silence your injuries will be healed at the end of the battle, this happens all the time.

Fight for your continent!
Great battles will show who is the leader of Faeo!

Attention! Legendary Tenth Anniversary Badge will drop after you complete «A Guest Who Vanished» quest.
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Diamonds – are a very sought-after currency that lets any warrior purchase unique and valuable goods.
Defenders of  Ogriy and  Khair! You have a unique opportunity to purchase Certificate for 50 diamonds and Certificate for 100 diamonds in the Premium Shop. Bankers don't want to sell with a loss and will have a commission from every sale, thus the cost of each certificate is – 130 and 65 diamonds. Bankers won't sell more than 5 certificates in one hands. City authorities already announced that you would be able to sell these certificates on Auction and Exchange.
Pay attention! Power Leveling Thresholds are not applied when selling diamond certificates: seller sets a price according to the demand on the item.
Card collectors should also pay a visit to the Premium shop where they will find a Set of 60 Conlegret cards

Both certificates and the set of cards will be on sale till May 19th.
Sometimes in order to sell something at a good price,
one has to purchase something at a good price - good luck!
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 Carnival of Masks15.05.2017 15:04


If you are in a good mood, there is always a reason to celebrate! That is what the tireless entertainers and cheerful stunners, who amuse Faeo residents with their performances think.


The beautiful  Nadilarie, who cannot stand the boredom and dismay, and the cheerful  Sheamus, a man, who exchanged his satisfied life for the chainless travels with the troop tradesmen, decided to cheer up the residents of Ogriy and Khair with the exciting event – Carnival
The fate of the Carnival is in your hands!
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 Rare Items for Special Price15.05.2017 10:00

UPDATE: Sale was prolonged till May 17!

Warriors of Faeo! City tradesmen announced the start of yet another sale in the Premium shop, you can purchase various goods for very special price!

Merchants are also selling Spark of the Heavenly Fires!
Hurry sale will last till May 17th!
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Brave Warriors! It is time for even young warriors to be able to challenge themselves and bring fame to their clans!

On May 29 a first season of Clan Wars for Juniour League, begins and we invite you to become patrons of the competition!

Donate to the Prize Fund!
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Brave warriors! As Organiser decided to increase the number of fireworks, he will need more warrior qualities and emotions to convert them into firecrackers. 
During this weekend you will have a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how well you can handle your weapon at the Chaotic battlesYour armor and weapons won't break from 15:00 of Friday till 15:00 of Monday
Good luck in battles! 
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 Event Rewards Shop and May Bags10.05.2017 15:00

Brave warriors of Faeo! May was very saturated with events and interesting tasks for you to complete. As usual, you did a great job. The event «May Mess» has come to its end, now we invite you to visit a shop with event rewards at the City Fairs, which you will be able to purchase with Carved Flame Token s.
Pay attention to a card for Conlegret game from the new event deck. After the end of each monly event you'll be able to collect cards like this and by the end of the year become the owner of full card set.
If you don't have enough Carved Flame Token s, visit shops at  Chigrik's and  Gloum's! These enterprising contrabandists have special May Bags, on the bottom of which you will find Carved Flame Token s.
You can purchase these bags both for gold and for diamonds but you'll be able to buy them one time only for each currency.
Hurry to the event reward shop Warriors!
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 Star Shower10.05.2017 14:00

From time to time the people of Faeo witness a unique and fairy occasion of Star Shower. The night sky illuminated only by the starlight is pierced by fiery meteors, leaving a sparkling trail. You just can't miss it! 
During this time the citizens and villagers know no sleep and rest - they go out in the streets having pinned  Asters flowers that shine in dark to their lapels they enjoy the spectacular show.
It is the time of Star Showers in Faeo!
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 More firecrackers!05.05.2017 17:00

Who would have thought that for the festive firework one needs so many firecrackers! In order for the fireworks to be seen from any point of the world of Faeo and so that even the citizents of the distant Islands of Eternal Frost could observe the grand show, Festival organizer decided to increase the amount of firecrackers. It means only one thing: we need even more war qualities and emotions for them to be transformed into the colorful firecrackers. 
Warlocks and mages decided to support brave warriors of Faeo in battle at Arena, Ancient Temple and Crystalline Caves this weekend! That is why from 18:00 Friday through 12:00 Monday your items won't break!  
Even magic is on your side! Use this advantage to defeat your opponents! 
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 Special Lots04.05.2017 15:00

Warriors! We are glad to announce that in Auction House at the City Squares of  O'Delvays and  Dartrong trades for the «Special Lots» started! You'll find Cerrador Amulet, Cerrador Statuette, Gift with pet Little Cerrador on sale.
Pay attention, to what is used as payment method for the items that interest you. Minimum bid is fixed and does not depend on the last bid. Time till the end of the trades is shown in the information about the lot, but it has special feature, trades end no sooner than 10 minutes after the last bet is made. If after the end of the main trade time 10 minutes passed after the last bet, the trade ends automatically. If your bet was surpassed - your funds will be returned back to you.
Don't miss you chance to make a great trade!
Author: lososerg  More (comments: 10)

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