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 The Keys of the Commander, Part 107.01.2011 08:02

The  Human Commander and the  Magmar Commander have called the brave warriors to battles in the Malleable Badlands many times! But who are these commanders? All they live for is fighting against the hated enemy race and so it is no wonder that they hardly ever leave the Malleable Badlands – they even live in little cottages on the edge of the Badlands. But now a reckless thief has stolen the keys to the cottage of your commander. So once again your help is needed!

Thief in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

Is the thief still close to the Malleable Badlands or did he already manage to run far away? He can be anywhere! He will probably have found a hiding place somewhere but sooner or later he will have to leave his hideout. You should keep an eye out for the thief from Tuesday, 17:00 Faeo time. When you see him, make sure you attack him and knock him down and take the key from him! You won't be able to bring it back to the commander as the Malleable Badlands are not always open - but you will need the keys the next time they are and you would hate missing that, as it is your only chance to be able to win access to the Commanders Blessing! So find the thief and keep an eye on the news...

From Tuesday 17:00 Faeo until Wednesday 10:00 Faeo time  the Reckless Thief might be anywhere in Faeo. Track him, kill him and take the Commander's Key out of his pocket. You will need that key later this week, the next parts of this event will be announced in the news.
Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

51. UltimateGameman 11.01.2011 23:46
I know that the thief has 3397 hp! - too much for me!
52. TraceyG21920 12.01.2011 01:58
nice blessing gotta admit he is one tough theif
53. ConnyFox 12.01.2011 04:25
Well seems its the same key as to derelict house, why cant we just use that one?­ :)
54. foomy 12.01.2011 05:40
does everyone in party each gets key???
55. Mrs Claws 12.01.2011 06:06
yaya i got the key now to wait for badlands to open i guess :-)
56. blue_lion 12.01.2011 06:16
nice blessing
57. wulfrick 12.01.2011 06:17
Got the key too !!! am waiting patiently for the badlands and then­ boom :lol:
58. --Lady O Lakes-- 12.01.2011 18:44
Yay, I managed to get the key... now, of course waiting for Mal. Badlands to­ open.. hoping it is soon, so that I am ready for whatever part 3 brings - a­ great fight, or in best case.. a great battle would be just delicious!!­ Appreciate the new things Admins. are coming up with... the more Valour events­ the better, folks! Thanks, you guyz.. and good luck to all the Humans in­ this event!
59. grendal 13.01.2011 01:15
Ok i like the blessing ,it looks good and the thief was a good fight but can i­ just say.. you can win an awesome elixir of speed!,now awesome to me­ would be something like moving from area to area in 10 i think the­ prize is ok,not awesome,the game is awesome the prize is not..simple as­
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