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 Weekend of Dragon Battles03.03.2011 02:02

Spring is coming closer to Faeo and the monsters that have taken a break during the cold season are waking up from hibernation. Even the dragons have rested during the winter but now you can hear loud and aggressive roaring form  Erifarius Lair at the Foothills and from  Striagorn's Cave at Hell's Pass: The dragons are eager for battle and you will fight alongside them in three separate battles!

Coming Saturday and Sunday  will be the Weekend of the Dragons in Faeo. You have never seen the dragons as often in such a short period of time as you will on these two days!

Heated by the lava that is surrounding the  Magmar lands, Striagorn will be the first to come out of his cave. Full of hate for the  Human race he will gather an army of Magmars around him in an attempt to burn down O'Delvays with his breath of fire. He needs every single warrior, there are no excuses. All Magmars will meet on Dartrong City Square on Friday at 20:00 Faeo time to start their crusade to the Human continent. Humans should be prepared to defend an extremely powerful army of Magmars. Great Valor rewards are awaiting the warriors taking part in the main battle with Striagorn. It is up to the Humans to defend their continent of Ogriy, Erifarius will not be there to help them.

But just one day later, on Saturday at 20:00 Faeo time Erifarius will leave his lair, come to O'Delvays Square and lead the Humans to the  Magmar continent, either to take revenge for a defeat the day before or to utterly humiliate the Magmar race with a second human victory. Either way, Magmars can't let the Humans win this battle and they need to defend their continent, while their dragon is recovering from the battle that took place the day before. This is another chance to get a great Valor reward, join the main battle with the dragon!

But this is not the end of the activities of the dragons this weekend! The incredible amount of 20,000 Valor is awaiting the winners on Sunday when both  Striagorn and  Erifarius come to the Plateau of Silence at 20:00 Faeo time. This will be the battle of all battles, a fight that will be mentioned in the history books of both continents of Faeo for centuries. This will show which race is superior and which race will have to go home in shame!

The dragon that wins this battle will offer all warriors of his race the Dragon's Buff of Aggression. To strengthen the defence in his race the defeated dragon will offer his warriors the Dragon's Buff of Defence.

The dragon fights will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 Faeo time. On Friday  Striagorn will meet Magmar warriors on Dartrong Square and they will make their way to the Human continent. Humans should be on alert. On Saturday  Erifarius will meet the Humans on O'Delvays Square to start the journey to the Magmar capital. Magmars should expect a human invasion. On Sunday the dragons will start a battle on the Plateau of Silence. The Plateau of Silence will be closed for preparations from 19:00 to 20:00 Faeo time.
Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

81. Dariusxas 06.03.2011 21:01
someone drop the link of the fight
82. Uky75 06.03.2011 21:10
can ressurection fail? ... just kidding...
83. TJ2009 06.03.2011 22:29
oh ya mags won :dance:
84. Luna Moonfang 06.03.2011 23:14
:cool: for our mages. Nice fight !
85. Facade 07.03.2011 00:58
yay!! nice fight well done mags :mol:
86. Deargdoom 07.03.2011 01:26
87. UltimateGameman 07.03.2011 07:52
Was not an even fight - mags took advantage of it.
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