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 One-Armed Bandit13.12.2013 16:00

Warriors, the One-Armed Bandit will be in operation again from Friday, Dezember 13, 15:00 Faeo time for your amusement. It disgorges mounds of Gold coins right into the hands of the lucky winners. Winnings clink in players' pockets, and superstitious players hold firmly onto their lucky charms. It goes without saying that, although this game is risky, it is great fun – all the warriors have been caught up in the gambling fever. You can try to win the jackpot wherever you are, the one-armed bandit can be reached from every location!
But who knows when Lady Luck will smile on them? She is very capricious – sometimes she showers the fortunate with her gifts, while at other times she can take the last copper coin from a poor wretch. To protect you from large losses the  One-Armed Bandit has been configured to only accept large bets when you have sufficient money in your wallet to live well. In other words, the more  gold you have clinking in your pocket, the more money you can bet, so as to win big! But the opposite is also true: If a warrior's wallet has been empty for a long time, the machine will only allow him to place a small bet. This means that his loss will be smaller if he does not win.

You can reach the bandit by clicking the Bandit button that appears at the bottom left corner when the bandit is available.

As with every Casino there is a dresscode to be obeyed: Put on your best armor, it has to be of the green variety at least, to pull the lever on the Bandit.
Remember, Lady Luck likes cool-headed warriors! Don't get upset if you lose, but also, don't lose your head if you win! Fortune is fickle, and nobody knows who she will choose to smile upon in the future.

You can try your luck from Friday, December 13, 15:00 Faeo time until Saturday, December 14, 22:30 Faeo time .
Author: Cross Knight

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