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 Shearas blessing of invulnerability24.01.2014 07:22

Warriors! Don’t miss the opportunity and fight till death on the battlefields! If you are blessed by Sheara, all items that are worn during fights will be indestructible.



In order to support you in the permanent fight against chaos the great goddess grants you the possibility to train your abilities in the battlefields without damaging your armour.

From January 24, 16:00 Faeo time until January 27, 16:00 Faeo time you can fight in the Arena, the Temple, the Crystalline Caves and the Tournament of Worship without damaging your equipment. All warriors taking part in battlefields are protected from damage, you don't need to take a special elixir.

Warriors, take your rare armour and weapon. This is the opportunity to crush your heads without damaging your items!

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

1. -_-Pestilence-_- 24.01.2014 17:12
2. neolsoft 24.01.2014 17:22
how about tallars? are they also covered? I cannot see it mentioned in the list.
3. TiSi 24.01.2014 17:43
not mentioned, not covered.
4. carpediem666 24.01.2014 19:12
if you want tallars you can just queue ;) break not break.. i will be there­ even i get no valor from it
5. nothing sky 24.01.2014 19:51
what they fail to tell you is its only on this server if like the past, go to­ any of them in another server and the blessing doesnt apply
6. Mag Power 24.01.2014 23:03
Warriors, take your rare armour and weapon. This is the opportunity to crush­ your heads without damaging your items! :LOL: why do we crush our heads,­ not enemy's heads!
7. Mag Power 24.01.2014 23:17
All servers have Blessing of Invulnerability except RUSSIAN n FRENCH
8. morito 25.01.2014 08:33
Mag Power if you crush my head, it means that you win. No damage for winners is­ normal. :D
9. -SilverGreyhawk- 27.01.2014 13:16
interserver really sucks. DE and PL servers you will die before the page even­ load up
10. -_MiShKy_TiNg_- 27.01.2014 14:45
*smells the air* mmmmmmm so yep the usual ^^ some troubles with loadings no­ unbreak in tallar 1giving another shyt yeah ^^ good day at making love of the­ dragons )

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