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 Countdown Russia 2018...13.06.2018 17:00


10-9-8 ... soon 32 teams from all over the world will compete to decide who will be the best football nation worldwide!



Whilst they sweat on the green field, we want you to use your knowledge of this beautiful game and place your bets for every match in the upcoming tournament.






The points will be distributed as follows:


Correct score = 5 points (Score = correct winner and correct score)

Correct trend = 3 points (Trend = correct winner but wrong score)

Everything else = 0 points


Only the result after 90 minutes will be counted. No extra-time, no penalty shoot-out.




Your predictions must be submitted BEFORE the match has started in the corresponding thread (all bets placed after kick-off or outside the corresponding thread will NOT count!). Each user has only ONE BET per game. If you place more than one bet per game only the first one will count.


How to poste


To keep things clear, please post in the manner below:


Link of your character:

Home Team : Visiting Team (for example: Russia 7 : France 7)


and so on for all the matches


In general:

You always have 24 hours time to place your prediction. Thread for the first match will be online from the 13th of June, 18h server time.

There also will be additional options to bet on and score points. So keep your eyes open for the threads …






The administration has taken over sponsorship for this event, so nice rewards will await some of you.

1. Prize:

by choice if the winner scored at least 160 pts in total,
otherwise amulet above of choice with 3 months lifespan



4-10. Prize:

1 2000

11-25. Prize:

1 1000

26-50. Prize:

1 500

51-100. Prize:

1 20

101+. Prize:



In case there is joint places in TOP3 the number of correct scores (5pts) will decide.




First predictions can be placed on the 13th of June, 18:00 Faeo time in a separate thread we open for you in time.

Winners and a ranking list of the TOP100 will be published from 23rd of JulyJesters  need this time to re-check the formulas and prepare the lists



We wish you lots of fun and good luck!


If you wish to translate this text to your native language so that more players could understand the rules and take part in the game, please post your translation in the appropriate topic in the Hall of Languages and send the link to your post to any  Jester. Thank you. 


Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. el tory 14.06.2018 16:22 Morocco 1:­ IR of Iran 0
12. el tory 14.06.2018 16:23 Portugal­ 1: Spain 2
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