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 Interview with the Administration15.01.2020 15:00

In Summer 2019 COM did have another change of Administration - and not only COM, but also DE and PL. And since that change we all share the same admin  tceba.


Now in 2020 we would like to know more about him and his experiences and plans with the EU servers.




Interview with tceba

Tceba, you have taken over EU servers (COM, DE and PL) in Summer 2019.


1. What do you want to tell us about your person/background?


- "Well. My name is Kirill, I am 30, married, living in Moscow. Proud owner of two siba-inu dogs. I came to this project more than 2 years ago. Now I am organizing work not for only COM, DE and PL, but also for both RU servers. But I am not the only one who is working on it. We have a good leader and a strong team."

Sure it was not easy to take over the charge for this 3 new servers on your own which so far had been handled by different administrators and the resulting differences in handling each server.


2. What was was your biggest challenge, apart from the different languages?


- "The biggest challenge was to face local economics on EU servers. A lot of differences between RU and EU. And yes. Localization. It is the biggest challenge."

Players are always worrying about the game being dead or dying.


3. What have been your biggest changes on the EU servers so far? And what do you plan for us in 2020?


- "This project is so far away from dying. So stay sharp and watch for updates!"

4. Is there any plans to revive our beloved game in bringing in more players again thanks to advertising it?


- "As you can see we made an ad on game page but you must understand that this project is designed for hardcore players who loves MMO genre. Not for casual players. That’s why its hard to bring new players here."


Note from the editor: Watch out, guys! This makes us a special minority - Elite Players :)!

Many complain about being bored, especially in higher levels.


5. Is there any intention to bring more quests, events and other distractions to make the game more exciting again? Can you give us a little outlook/spoiler?


- "We are trying to renew game content every few months (like new quest chains) and we are doing big updates every half of the year (like CC386 or new reputations). By the way right now we are working on the new reputation."

Biggest concern in higher levels is the lack of monsters to hunt. We have been told, it is meant to be a challenge. But seems the challenge is too big cause since last year this time many highlevels have quit the game.


6. Is there anything you can tell them to give them hope that their hunting possibilities will improve? New monsters, instances?


- "You asking why there is just few high level monsters in the hunt and I have an answer for you. This monsters bring a lot of money per hour. We are gathering data about monsters killed and money gained and I affirm that 20lvl players earning enough gold.

If the server will have enough high-level players we will add monsters. As you can see sometimes we are turning on such blesses like Have a nice day! or Snow mood! That allows all players to earn more gold per game session."

It has been said, that level 20 will be the last level.


7. How do you plan to keep the game interesting then for those who have reached everything already?


- "Level 20 is the last level of the game but there is no limit to perfection. You can always move forward. More quests, more challenges, more reputations, more talents – as I said stay sharp and watch for updates!"

Last but not least some of the major questions which are troubling our players.


8. What is the current status about html5? And is there any schedule when it will be available on EU server?


- "I can’t give you any dates, to be honest. It is still on the testing phase. We will release this when ready."

9. Is there any other plans on technical changes for the game?


- "We are updating hardware if something goes wrong. But so far so good."

10. Is there any consideration to remove the attack rule?


- "We like this rule and we want to protect low levels somehow. But we understand that in any rule can be weak and strong sides. We are not going to remove this, for now."

11. With the decreasing amount of players on all 3 servers, how likely is a merge between 2 or even all 3 servers to happen?


- "No comments. A lot of technical nuances here. But if it will be necessary we will do it."





Thank you very much for your time and for answering these questions!

Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Mattel 15.01.2020 17:08
2. Kolur 15.01.2020 17:08
One of the things that bother me A LOT is if you use diamonds for purchase or­ kennel hunt it does NOT count as exchange on your premium account and that is­ really unfair i think becaus its trading and exchanging in any form
3. Akarulez 15.01.2020 17:16
Thank you so much. Really appreciated.
4. lamabojowaT250 15.01.2020 17:32
i would really like to have my polish mates on com server :)
5. Hakan The Khan 15.01.2020 18:33
Wait a second. That's not tceba. Kowalski, analysis.
6. TotoK 15.01.2020 18:34
work on make possible go to RU server better
7. _Hunterskull_ 15.01.2020 22:07 what about­ answers at there ?
8. UltimateGameman 15.01.2020 23:06
What bothers me is that Russian Server is way ahead of other servers - should be­ all equal time on achievement items.
9. Army Of Darkness 15.01.2020 23:32
Thanks for sharing the interview with us all :) Some nice questions asked and­ informative answers. All the best.
10. Alamus 16.01.2020 01:26
I'm concerned about the delays in the HTML5 client, especially since the­ current client is almost constantly suffering from out of date flash that­ won't allow you to do anything in the location screen for the past month and­ a half. It's been off and on, but far too often on. This was a very rare­ thing in the previous years, but now happens every other week. I've­ manually update flash, but it keeps being reset to v23 by the client. I­ haven't been able to use the client at all this week, even after updating­ flash again.
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