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 Star Shower20.02.2020 14:00

From time to time the people of Faeo witness a unique and fairy occasion of Star Shower. The night sky illuminated only by the starlight is pierced by fiery meteors, leaving a sparkling trail. You just can't miss it!

During this time the citizens and villagers know no sleep and rest - they go out in the streets having pinned  Asters flowers that shine in dark to their lapels they enjoy the spectacular show. The luckiest among them even find star fragmets on the ground. Having aquired special instruments people stream to the artisans in order to have their findings be immortalised into souvenirs. 
Brave warriors! The prophets say that in the nearest future Faeo will experience a  Star Shower. You have the oportunity to not only enjoy watching this extraordinary phenomenon but also aquire beautiful and useful items from the fragments of fallen stars. 
Get ready to join the adventure of searching for star fragments! 
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Sweet Lips 22.02.2020 14:57
225 kretches killed trying to get a bone engraver & still didn't drop when­ it's been pretty easy in previous events. Coincidence or more changes to try­ & get people to pay to win? I won't be spending 10g to buy a roulette for a­ crappy gift as that's all you get anyway. Way to go admin/devs! Are you­ surprised the game is dying when you keep turning the screw.
2. Sweet Lips 23.02.2020 15:56
3 days trying, 360 fights, 57 crystals & about to give up as only 30 seconds­ left of my current bless then boom, fight 361 I finally got a Bone Engraver.­ What a joke!

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