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 Evil Pentagrams05.06.2020 14:05

Woken up by the first rays of Mirrow the farmer was just about to look out of the window to admire his wheat fields goldening in the morning light. But a gust of wind made room in thick rows of grain and unearthed a mysterious symbol on the ground instantly making the farmer's skin crawl.



An ominous pentagram looked almost alive and as if it was reaching its dark spidery limbs to the farmer's shabby house. Without hesitation the farmer put on his boots and a worn down jacket and set out to the Capital to tell the Elders about what's going on.



Making his way to the city poor fellow started to notice the same symbols everywhere around him. Stuttering and terrified he told everything about it to the elder just moments before other citizens started arriving bearing same dreadful news from all over the Faeo. The elder, still struck out after those horrible dealings with seeds and tentacles, decided to ask the brave defenders of Faeo for help.


Warriors, warlords have now taken this matter in their own hans! It means they are going to need your help to deal with the appearance of mysterious pentagrams and learn what otherworldly dangers do they bring. The fate of Faeo is in your hands! Elders await brave warriors in the Capitals.



After completing the elder's task don't forget to make a visit to the warlorfds to exchange your trophies for something more valuable.



Owners of the Joke shops still sell Elixirs of Valor, Elixirs of Experience and Pots of Gold to help warriors in their battles. 

Warriors, take part in the fate of Faeo! This won't be an easy fight! A new stage of the event awaits!

- Read more about the event in Game Library

Author: Acconitum

1. Joesh 05.06.2020 14:10
Who are the warlorfds?
2. Yippeekiay 05.06.2020 15:50
Joesh - warlord Damirus at the arena, next to city square.
3. MYLITTLEABBY 05.06.2020 18:11
cant find the pentagrams

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