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 Poisedopus Invasion23.06.2020 14:00

Army of Chaos has started a cruel invasion at Plateau of Silence! Numerous Dark Gunglos and GunXOs led by Generals UyarrMOs has taken their positions, ready to attack at any moment and unleash Defilers. Dark Egnu are closing rows of Chaos Army, ready to engage with the defenders of Faeo. Great battle is about to come, armies of Humans and Magmars are about to clash their swords with the army of Chaos led by Poisedopus.
Defenders of Faeo! Army of Chaos is ready to attack, and only you are able to defeat its onslaught! You are about to fight with powerful beings and Poisedopus himself. During the invasion fights at Plateau of Silence will be devided by level groups, results of each fight will have effect on the outcome of the whole battle! Brave warriors will receive Chaos Particle as a reward.

Attention! During this event stage ordinary Plateau of Silence won't be available.

- Read more about the event in Game Library
Warriors of Ogriy and Khair, world needs your courage! Help your race defeat army of Chaos!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. DANORTVIL 23.06.2020 20:57
20:52 After studying the map, you have determined that the treasure is buried­ in the Plateau of Silence location. I cannot lookf for the Map for events.­ Good Job :aplod:. A green map lost.
2. The_Big_Pickle 24.06.2020 06:05
3. zAquisgran 24.06.2020 14:02
13:55 Rewards have appeared in the Warlord shops in the city arenas­ >>>> wasnt there a stage duration counter of 3+ days still­ before? Or did i miss a "monster kill counter" or something? Confusing­ again... LOL
4. orrin 25.06.2020 01:06
wow the stage ended so fast

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