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 Trials of the Great Dragons06.08.2020 14:00

What is this thunder in the clear sky of Feo? What are these fiery flashes, clouds of black smoke and the outline of colossal wings in a cloudless blue? Here are Great Dragons, calling people of  Ogriy and  Khair!

Everyone remembers Trials of Sheara - now the Goddess granted a rule to check the loyalty of warriors to her Dragons.  Erifarius and  Striagorn assigned their own challenges, that will allow the warriors to show their valor, strength and intelligence.
I am trying, Dragons!Dragons’ HopeDragons’ Pride
A lot of interesting happened with Rodwin the pathfinder, since the Sheara's call. He tells with proud about some of his adventures, also he wants to forget about some of them. Try to repeat his feats - and you will know, why! In any case, the rewards of the Dragons will be very generous!
 The “Mercury Lotions” ChallengeThe “Try the Cheese” ChallengeThe “Need Dragons?” ChallengeThe “Work Hard, Play Harder” ChallengeThe “Empty Hands” ChallengeThe “Stylish, not Fashionable!” Challenge
The “Great Gamble” ChallengeThe “Are You a Robot?” ChallengeThe “Selfless Healer” ChallengeThe “Who Needs a Key?” ChallengeThe “Military Medic” ChallengeThe “Never Stop Fighting” Challenge
The “Universal Warrior” ChallengeThe “Balls of Steel” ChallengeThe “Robin Hood Reversed” ChallengeThe “Defying Luck” ChallengeThe “Don’t Chew” ChallengeThe “Are those air balloons?” Challenge
The “Anyone Got a Fireflower?” ChallengeThe “I’m Alright” ChallengeThe “Change Course!” ChallengeThe “70 Shades of the Rainbow” ChallengeThe “Full House” ChallengeThe “Who Wants an Autograph?” Challenge
The “Buried with Gifts!” ChallengeThe “Dry Weather Only” ChallengeThe “Maybe I’ll have better luck this way” ChallengeThe “Take it Easy” ChallengeThe “What dead men in Faeo do” ChallengeThe “Thanks, I don't want any” Challenge
The “Catch the Con!” ChallengeThe “Avoid Stumbling” ChallengeThe “License to Kill” ChallengeThe “Why did you do that?” ChallengeThe “Solve this Immediately” ChallengeThe “Beware of Dog” Challenge
The “Burn After Reading” ChallengeThe “Gold Mounts” ChallengeThe “Destroying Chaos” ChallengeThe “Grass is Always Greener” Challenge
So, there are 40 trials, waiting for you. For each of them you will receive a legendary achievement, and for each 4th completed trial you will receive a reward. The most valuable of them is the chest, which will be awarded after comleting 36 trials.

Besides this, you have a possibility to multiply your rewards by placing a bet with  Squire Voldemar or  Galash the Merchant, whom you may find in the Trade Fairs. These representatives of the merchant class are not masters of battle themselves, but they will be happy to warm up your fighting ardor with a bet: you give them 200 diamonds, and, in return, you will receive an additional generous reward for every two completed trials. Whether the game is worth is up to you. Especially since you may evaluate the promised rewards, at first, by talking to the merchant in person. 

You pleased the Dragons and ruined the merchant
And finally, a few more important points:
  • Not all warriors will be able to pass all trials — if will be impossible or extremely difficult to pass them at some levels
  • Achievements for the 40 trials themselves are legendary and don't give any points. Points will only bring achievemens for the 1st, 18th, 36rd trials
  • If a players passes 36 trials by making a deal with a merchant, he will also receive a unique avhievement
  • The event will last 70 days — this is not a long time, so we advise you to evaluate your strength, plan everything properly and do not waste time!
Great dragons are looking at you, it's a great honor to win their favor! Good luck in the trials, warriors!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Acconitum

11. zAquisgran 07.08.2020 00:45
Really GREAT event thanks for it !
12. dul 07.08.2020 02:06
01:36 You have completed the quest The Trial of Restraint. Might not­ do much else with the event but lol at least i saved a Mithril Key.... Best of­ luck everyone :)
13. vermili0n 07.08.2020 09:24
impossible quests
14. Sharon 07.08.2020 10:38
@ Clover- :buee: the attempt is apparently not punishable ..... still too much­ in russianr
15. --Infinity-- 08.08.2020 23:32
Should make the quests that involve events auto progress to next stage, like­ wild zorb invasion
16. Sherian 10.08.2020 18:39
Really bad event :-(
17. -- aCe -- 31.08.2020 05:45
Hey ummm so about getting the berries while picking. Lol i don't get berries­ anymore lol
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