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 Big birthday raffle21.10.2013 16:04

Warriors of Faeo,

the annual anniversary celebrations are about to begin, cakes are being baked, women dress up in their most wonderful garments, and even the hard-boiled old warhorses polish the armor. We want to reward our heroes with something really special, get yourselves up and cheer: in cooperation with our friends at ROCCAT™, we would like to raffle some awesome prizes!



How you will be able to get your hands upon these deluxe and stylish items? It’s as simple as eating a piece of cake: we want you to send us your birthday wishes. This can be a greeting card, a photo of a birthday cake or anything that’s self-made and deals with the birthday of Legend: Legacy of the Dragons - be creative!
Here are the rules:
  • Email your birthday greetings to or send them to us via snail mail to: Mail.Ru Games GmbH, c/o Twisted Sister, Sachsenfeld 4, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
  • The event begins today and ends on Monday, November 4th.
  • And remember, we especially love anything that’s self-made.
  • Don't forget to include your nickname so we can contact you!
Among all the participants, we will raffle some amazing ROCCAT™ gear:

  • 1x Kone XTD MouseROCCAT™’s top-of-the-line mouse with 8200 DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor
  • 1x Kulo Stereo Headset – ultra lightweight headset with 40mm drivers and Automatic Mic-Mute function
  • 1x Hiro Mousepad –  brand new 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad

We are looking forward to see your exploding creativity at work!
Author: AcklayCOM  More (comments: 12)

 One-Armed Bandit21.10.2013 15:00

Warriors, the One-Armed Bandit will be in operation again from Monday, October 21, 15:00 Faeo time for your amusement. It disgorges mounds of Gold coins right into the hands of the lucky winners. Winnings clink in players' pockets, and superstitious players hold firmly onto their lucky charms. It goes without saying that, although this game is risky, it is great fun – all the warriors have been caught up in the gambling fever. You can try to win the jackpot wherever you are, the one-armed bandit can be reached from every location!
But who knows when Lady Luck will smile on them? She is very capricious – sometimes she showers the fortunate with her gifts, while at other times she can take the last copper coin from a poor wretch. To protect you from large losses the  One-Armed Bandit has been configured to only accept large bets when you have sufficient money in your wallet to live well. In other words, the more  gold you have clinking in your pocket, the more money you can bet, so as to win big! But the opposite is also true: If a warrior's wallet has been empty for a long time, the machine will only allow him to place a small bet. This means that his loss will be smaller if he does not win.

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 0)

 The Generous Banker18.10.2013 12:00

Bankers are not usually regarded as very generous but Forint is clearly an exception! Enjoying the sunny weather he is an an excellent mood and so he gives a present to every warrior who obtains Diamonds - even if you get yourself as little as 9 Brilliant Diamonds.

Hurry and claim extra bonuses for your deposits!
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 0)

Throngs of revellers wearing colourful costumes have come to the Carnival in Faeo, and are enjoying all kinds of games and entertainment from the Fortune-teller and the Jester. This Monday, it's time for more great attractions!


How good is your aim after three days of wild carnival revelry? Can you still hit all the bottles at the Bottle Throw? When playing Bottle Throw, please make sure to hold back a few additional Lucky Coins that you're not going to use in the game, just to be safe.

Update: Humans took 24 minutes to defeat the Piñata while Magmars needed 1hour 35 minutes. Congratulations to the Humans.

Author: Hermano  More (comments: 5)

 Evil Pentagrams07.02.2013 05:34

Warriors, the threat of the Powers of Darkness still hasn't been stopped, despite our great efforts. Now, vile Pentagrams are reaching out and trying to grasp everything that lives, looking like giant spiders splaying themselves out on the ground. The Elders are receiving reports from all over Faeo about dangerous symbols that have appeared on the surface of the earth and are radiating with evil energy.

The Elders, whose strength is almost spent after the terrible events with the seeds and tentacles, have decided to entrust the fight against this new scourge to the experienced defenders of Faeo. Now the Warlords are taking command, and they could use the help of all valiant warriors to get to the bottom of the appearance of the mysterious pentagrams, and to fight off the threat they present. The fate of the world is in your hands!






Once the task has been completed, don't forget to visit the Warlords once a day to exchange your battle trophies for both precious and practical items. Find out more here.

Author: Hermano  More (comments: 6)

 Carnival Festival06.02.2013 08:45

It's party time! The inhabitants of Faeo aren't just brave warriors, but also keen Carnival revellers, and when the party season comes around, Humans and  Magmars alike are always up for a shindig. Get ready for some crazy and exciting games at the Carnival! 


Fish out your Lucky Coins, or stock up on them in the Festival Shop, and then off we go! You can reach the festival directly from the town squares. Some old favourites await you - try your luck in the Dice Game , or in Find the Dragon. The Wheel of Fortune and the Claw will also be available to play once again. There are some great prizes in store:


Author: Hermano  More (comments: 13)

 Precious Chests23.01.2013 15:30


The Precious Chest Shops in the  Valley of Fire and the  Outskirts of Klesva will soon open their doors for a short time. You will be able buy the following chests there until Thursday 22:30 Faeo time:




These chests are filled with rare and valuable items. There are four different types of chests which vary in their design and price. If you decide to buy one of the more expensive chests you will have a higher chance of receiving a valuable item such as an Assassin's Battle Axe, a Cerrador Amulet, a Titan Belt and many other great things.



Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 3)

 Closed Auction11.10.2012 07:33

Warriors, this week we run  the popular closed auction in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons where you can get excellent equipment, rare items, or exclusive weapons for a very cheap price! In this auction not the highest but the lowest unique bid will win! We will offer exclusive and valuable items in this auction.

Close Auction in the MMORPG Legend - Legacy of the Dragons

Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 11)

 Prepare for the Oktoberfest20.09.2012 18:03

Warriors, following a great tradition the Oktoberfest will be held again in Faeo this September. Important guests and the bravest warriors from all over the world are expected to join the festival in order to have some beer, bretzel and enjoy the general cheerfulness.

In order to guarantuee a smooth and sufficient supply of all necessary natural produce adequate preparations are needed. It may be assumed, though, that  Glivens and  Mary are again a bit late this year. Visit the taverns and offer your help: every supporter will be awarded a VIP Pass for the  Oktoberfest. Using this Pass you can obtain a special VIP BOX in the festival shop from the evening of September 21st onwards. 


Preparations will last for only one day - therefore you should hurry in order to collect all necessary ingredients to brew the wonderful beer of Faeo. The support of other warriors appears to be inevitable: thus, you should try to get along well with your fellow drinkers... erhm, players. The Oktoberfest will begin during the evening of September 21st and will hold a lot in store offering numerous attractions and minigames. With just a little luck you will win fantastic prizes during this awesome festival

Also visit our Facebook-Page and take part in the big Oktoberfest-Riddle: count the number of beer glasses in the festival picture - but be aware: you should not be too drunk to do this! Join the fun!
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 1092)

Warrior, a long time of meticulous work and experimenting lies behind us, but finally there we are: The armourers of Faeo succeeded in their attempt to create novel weapons, which grant access to a totally new tactical potential in combat. And it came to pass that even the experienced warlords Gidver and Damirus can been seen training their archery skills in scenes like these: The warlord deftly seizes a sharp arrow from the quiver on his back, draws the tight bowstring, squints one eye, aims and shoots!




These new weapons are now available in the shops at the city squares. In addition, matching arrows and quivers might be purchased, their level has to match the according bows. Players of the 3rd level and beyond are able to acquire these first-class weapons.


Gird yourself for battle with bow and arrow and show no mercy for your enemies!

Author: Twisted Sister  More (comments: 52)

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