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Faeo is a world full of war and battles. Not only the male warriors have their part in the war between  Humans and  Magmars and in the fight against the forces of chaos or vicious monsters: Very often it is the fairer sex that decides important battles. The warrioresses of Faeo are no less courageous and brave than their  male counterparts. It is time to celebrate the females of Faeo!

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Update: Woman power was stronger on the side of the  Magmar warrioresses and the men they invited! In an epic battle they smashed the  Human warrioresses and the men that accompanied them to pieces! The winning  Magmar participants received 4000 Valor while the  Human participants received 2000 Valor.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 65)

There was never more war of the dragons in Faeo than this week: in three separate battles warriors fought alongside  Striagorn and  Erifarius in a new phase of the war between the two races of Faeo. On Friday  Striagorn came out of his cave and led an army of Magmars to the  Human coast where an epic battle developed soon. Brave Magmar warriors won this battle on the enemies' territory.

Dragon battle in the MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

 Erifarius was furious, left his Lair in anger and fought with all his power asnd an army of Human warriors to teach the  Magmars a lesson. In an epic battle in the County Vurdaliya right on the Magmar coast he and the  Human warriors were able to take revenge for the defeat of the previous day.

But there was even more to come. Read here!
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 Weekend of Dragon Battles03.03.2011 02:02

Spring is coming closer to Faeo and the monsters that have taken a break during the cold season are waking up from hibernation. Even the dragons have rested during the winter but now you can hear loud and aggressive roaring form  Erifarius Lair at the Foothills and from  Striagorn's Cave at Hell's Pass: The dragons are eager for battle and you will fight alongside them in three separate battles!

Coming Saturday and Sunday  will be the Weekend of the Dragons in Faeo. You have never seen the dragons as often in such a short period of time as you will on these two days! Enormous valor rewards are waiting for you and all members of the race winning the final battle will get access to the Dragon's Buff of Aggression.

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Once there was a kind and peaceful magician in the  Shuar Forest and the  Caves of Fear. When he became old and his powers weakened, he decided it was time to give his magic wand to someone younger and fitter. He found a young man he believed to be a pure soul capable of sorcery and he taught all the magic secrets to his young disciple. This however, proved to be a horrible mistake...

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 A Taste for Danger24.02.2011 06:00

Underneath the arenas of Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg O'Delvays and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Dartrong there are old cellars which are full of barrels and bottles with the very best and most famous wines of Faeo. These cellars are well guarded by the warlords Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Damirus and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Gidver to prevent thirsty warriors from plundering them. 

Warlords in the browser MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

For many decades no one has set foot in these cellars except for the bats that live between the old barrels. There are rumors that some bottles of the rare Wine of Experience and Wine of Valor might be stored down there. Now is your chance to find out for yourself as Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Gidver and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Damirus are inviting brave warriors to take part in a wine tasting!

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Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 45)

 New Event: Pearl Fishers23.02.2011 09:59

A few months ago  Humans and  Magmars started to explore the grounds of the sea. One of the most valuable items that can be found on the bottom of the ocean are the rare Gollade Pearls.

Underwater World in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Now the  Human elders have decided to send an expedition of pearl fishers led by the nimble Sergio to the bottom of the seas to search for the pearls.  Magmar scouts have found out about this expedition and the Magmar elders have sent a team of divers led by Ramirez to stop the Humans. A war about underwater resources is unfolding...

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Warrior, golden times have begun in the world of Faeo: The economy is flourishing and new opportunities are coming up.  Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Galash the Merchant and  Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Squire Voldemar will sail across the seas to trade local products for new and exciting goods from foreign lands.

  Trading Journey in the browser MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
Take your chance and be a part of these exciting deals. From Friday, February 18, 10:00 Faeo time until Monday, February 22, 4:00 Faeo time you can exchange goods and resources for IOUs at Galash the Merchant in Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg County Vurdaliya and Squire Voldemar in Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Paradise Corner. For these IOUs you can get exclusive foreign goods when the ships return. 
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 Vapor of Life15.02.2011 13:49

Sometimes the most common things have secret powers. Many of the warriors of Faeo have little bottles with Elixirs of Life in their backpacks to restore life in battles. Little is known about this substance except that the higher the concentration, the more life will be restored. Merely by accident the alchemists Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Veddun and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Cagliostro heated up a few bottles of the Great Elixir of Life. When they inhaled the vapor they discovered something extraordinary...

Alchemists in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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Update: The Human and magmar warriors who came to the Malleable Badlands fought in six separate Great Battles, four of them were won by the humans, 2 by the Magmars. For the victory in each battle each participant received 3000 Valor, for the defeat each participant received 1500 Valor.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 52)

 Words of Love14.02.2011 12:40

Warriors, the gift shops of Faeo are full of special gifts you can surprise your love with for Valentine's Day. This is a great way to show your deepest feelings. But a true lover does not just walk into a shop and buy a present, a true lover wants to add something that comes from the heart. Add a love poem to your present and win not only your lover's heart but a great prize!


Update: We received a lot of amazing poems and after hours of debating which is the best we found our favorite one. The winner of the "Word of Love" contest is:

  BrockLesnar [4] 

Winner Poem

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Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 31)

Valentine's Day will be here soon and all Faeo is full of love. But the more the Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Humans and Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Magmars love their darlings, the more they hate the opposing race. There is always competition between the two races, both want to show their superiority, even when it is all about love. So the Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Human Commander and the Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Magmar Commander will meet for a battle on the Island of Love on Valentine's Day at 17:00 Faeo time to show that their own race has more love. If you have shown your love you can join them and win a great Valor reward.

Valentine's Battle in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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Update: Love was on the side of the Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Human race! In a short but fierce battle the Human warriors showed that they are great lovers and fighters. They received a reward of 4000 Valor. All Bildergalerie Fantasy Browsergame Drachenkrieg Magmar participants received a reward of 2000 Valor.
Author: Cross Knight  More (comments: 42)

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