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Warriors of Faeo, it was a long winter this year, only a few days ago it stopped snowing but now the snow has melted away and the sun is shining. With spring on the way many warriors of Faeo feel affectionate for the other sex: Love is in the air! In a few days it will be Valentine's Day, the time to find a new love or to show your loved one how deep your love is.

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Warriors, the sounds of fighting and the cries of the wounded could be heard all over the Malleable Badlands this weekend as the  Human Commander and the  Magmar Commander led their armies into a series of battles. The  Magmar race could show its dominance both in the fights of the lower level warriors and the high level warriors. But they were not able to win the extra Valor reward for 5 or more victories as the  Humans gained victory in both level 6-10 battles.

Event Confront the Commanders in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons


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 Confront the Commanders!03.02.2011 07:02

Slowly it is getting warmer in Faeo, the snowfall that has lasted for weeks has finally ended and the last bits of snow have melted away. Time for the warriors to leave their houses, camps and shelters and to fight for their nation once again! The commanders will lead the warriors into a series of battles this weekend. This is not only your chance to play a decisive role in the war between the  Human and the  Magmar race, this is also a great chance to gain Valor for your whole race!

Commander in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.  Commander in the free browser game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

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 New Event: Crystals of Anger01.02.2011 05:44

The area where the Underground Knights have set up their war camps, the  Warrior's Camp and the  Chion Settlement, is drenched in blood and the stench of death. The endless battles with opposing armies, attacks by the merciless Chaos and the dark magic of the Chion Mountains mean that the locals never get a moment's peace. But now the knights have encountered a new difficulty: Crystals of Anger, have appeared on the ground and are having a detrimental influence on the magic crystals in the caves.

Red Crystallion in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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This weekend will be a weekend of fierce fighting in the Battlefields of Faeo as there will be double Valor at certain times in the Arena of the Underground Knights, the Ancient Temple of the Chosen and the Crystalline Caves!

Valor Weekend in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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Enough ore and sparkling ore has been collected,  Ostap and  Soygura have all the material they need for creating the Axe of Friendship! The clans of Faeo have been very busy killing the Evil Gungls and collecting ore for the weapon in order to get clan coins.  Ostap and  Soygura will now let the most successful clans of each race test this new weapon. 

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Update: The members of  The Devils and  Lavina met in the Gungl Hideout to fight for the first place. This battle was won by The Devils whose members received 7000 Valor while the members of Lavina received 3500 Valor. The particpants of this battle can keep their Axe of Friendship for 3 days. In the Malleable Badlands  three stars and a sun and  Hostilis Humanis fought for the third place. This batlle was won by three stars and a sun. They received 2000 Valor and there was a reward of 1000 Valor for the fourth place. Congratulations to the winning clans!
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Last week the  Magmars attacked the  Human Commander in an attempt to get rid of this dangerous leader on their enemies' side.  But they failed as the  Humans were there quickly to defend their commander. Now the Humans feel strong enough for a counter attack, they want to attack the  Magmar Commander. The Magmars without their commander, just driven by the lava that is running through their veins, that might mean a big advantage for the Humans. But for now it will be the Humans who have to fight without their commander as he will not take part in this secret attack.

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Update: After  bravely defending their own commander last week many  Humans had the courage to attack the  Magmar Commander exactly one week later. Even though a large army of Magmars came to the battle to defend their commander the Humans were sucessful again and could eventually win this epic battle! For their victory they received 4000 Valor while the Magmar participants received 2000 Valor

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Warriors, the Evil Gungls in the Gungl Hideout have all been killed by the members of the most courageous clans of Faeo. Now it is time to start collecting the material  Ostap and  Soygura need to build the Axe of Friendship: Ore and Sparkling Ore. Collect these resources together with your clan mates and your clan will get Clan Coins for them. The more you collect, the higher is the chance that your clan will get to test theAxe of Friendship and receive a great Valor reward.

Ostap the Craftsman in the online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons Soygura the Craftswoman in the online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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When the  Human Commander gathers his Human warriors around him he has an effective army which has gained many a victory. This commander has for a long time been a thorn in the flesh of the Magmar warriors. But now they have a plan that will teach him a lesson!

Human Commander in the free online game Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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Update: The Humans valiantly saved their Commander and fought an Epic Battle until the very end. Many bodys covered the ground and lots of injuries needed healing. Several brave Magmars dared to attack the Human Commander and they fought to their last breath. However this time it was a victory for the Human race for which they were rewarded: An amazing 4000 Valor for the victorious and still 2000 Valor for the bold Magmars.

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 Soygura and  Ostap are both working at a very special axe – the Axe of Friendship. This axe will be especially powerful when friends fight together side by side. It would be the perfect weapon for you and your your clanmates! Help Soygura and Ostap with manufacturing and testing this weapon. But before you have to prove your courage and to show that you are worth using such a weapon!

Clan event in Faeo in the MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

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