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 Clan Flags and Banners26.04.2011 17:20

 Warlord Damirus and  Warlord Gidver know that they can count on the great clans of Faeo in the eternal war between  Humans and  Magmars and the fight against the forces of Chaos. To reward these clans and to help them when their members are fighting side by side they now offer clan flags and banners to the clan leaders of those clans which have shown courage and bravery in numerous battles.

 Warlord Damirus in the free MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons  

In order to receive a Clan Flag or a Banner,  clan leaders should speak to  Warlord Gidver or to  Warlord Damirus. Only clans of level 5 or above can receive a flag and a banner. When the clan flag is used during a battle it restores life of all clan members that are in that battle. The banners provide clan members with increased protection from enemy blows and  increase the damage of all clan members when they are used in a battle. Each clan can have one clan flag and one banner. The clan leader can hand the clan flag and the banner to other members of the clan which then become a standard bearer.


In order to increase your clan level the members of your clan need to gain experience. Once you have reached level 6 you can speak to  Seimelu or  Budugri in order to upgrade your clan banner or flag to an even more powerful one.


Clan flags and banners give clans from level 5 an advantage when their members are fighting together. In order to receive them speak to  Warlord Damirus or to  Warlord Gidver. To upgrade the flag or banner when you have reached a new level speak to  Seimelu or  Budugri in the Clan Registrar Offices.


Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

1. Mortimer Dave 26.04.2011 17:54
Whos first now ! lol.
2. Alamus 26.04.2011 17:55
Cool concept...just wish they weren't so expensive :D
3. Nidalee 26.04.2011 17:55
Nice info, txk you.
4. Moonwalker 26.04.2011 17:57
16:55 Received: Clan flag level 6 1 pcs. Removed:Clan flag level 5 1 pcs, ­ 60. thanks :)
5. Akala 26.04.2011 18:10
Nice add to the game.
6. Mo-_-Busu 26.04.2011 20:03
I like this new concept :) Maybe we will get clan vs clan battlefields­ soon :)
7. ShadowReaper 26.04.2011 20:26
Nice...but It could have being a better idea to made lower class banner for­ individual use.
8. marensman 27.04.2011 16:54
seems a little expensive for an item you can only use once in 3 hours, but for­ key battles will surely be indispensable
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