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 The Abandoned Smithy23.08.2011 06:02

In the remote Elt Hills there is an Old  Smithy in which the Gnomes used to work. This was one of their sacred places but nowadays it is abandoned and only inhabited by Golems. Now some of the most courageous warriors of Faeo will have the chance to discover the secret of this Abandoned Smithy.

 The Abandoned Smithy in the MMORPG Legend: Legacy of the Dragons 

The Smithy can be accessed by warriors who have the Gnome Runes Pack of Cards. In order to receive this Pack of Cards you need to obtain the Gnome Runes Sheath from the Old Library and fill it with the following cards:



The Abandoned Smithy is a solo instance, you will visit it without the company of other players. Inside the Smithy you should try to find and to defeat its terrifying guard – the Fire Golem. From these Fire Golems you can receive the Fiery Heart – a unique artifact which you can exchange for Quicksilver with  Gredeya or  Brugilda.


In addition you will get a Fragment of Golem Medallion and if you have the full set of Medallions you can exchange them for a Golem Pet with the Gnome Spirit.



Warriors from level 6 who have Gnome Runes Pack of Cards can use this Pack of Cards to enter the Abandoned Smithy from the  Graves of the Poor and the  Place of Sorrow.
Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

11. Alamus 24.08.2011 02:46
Really thought this was going to be in the frozen islands...will that area ever­ be updated so there's a point in going there?
12. __Azeria__ 24.08.2011 02:53
Great, moore money to
13. cableDr 24.08.2011 06:47
dounds fun to me. nice work
14. Astheria 25.08.2011 00:33
but where are the elt hills?
15. Orium 25.08.2011 02:46
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