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 Magic Tablets07.11.2013 14:05

It just so happened that fate smiled upon two crooks at the same time -  the Swindler Gloum and  Chigrik the Thief.
By some unknown way they managed to stuff their hiding places with ancient tablets - magic clay plaques, made by some powerful mage many centuries ago. 
Both criminals expected to live it up on the proceeds from the sale of these rarities, but the very next night after they were stolen they began to be plagued by nightmares: the ghost of the creator of the tablets threatened them with an intense curse for their wrongdoing! Frightened,  Gloum and  Chigrik  broke all the tablets, but then their greed prevailed over their superstitions, and they decided to sell the fragments for coins, believing that whoever needs the magic power of the tablets can collect them themselves! 
  Gloum and  Chigrik  sell the tablet fragments in thick hessian sacks. When you buy such a sack you do not know what you will find in it. If you are lucky you will get an entire table, otherwise you will only get one fragment. By collecting the necessary amount of fragments you can restore one random tablet. 
The tablets differ in their strength. The higher your warrior level, the stronger the tablet you can use.   Chigrik and  Gloum  can exchange three identical tablets for a random tablet of the same quality. Nine identical tablets can be exchanged for one higher quality tablet. 
The magic power of the tablets will forever improve one of your parameters. After using one tablet you cannot use another of the same type and quality level. 
You can improve the following parameters: Strength, Life, Intuition, Agility and Defence. Players from level 11 can also improve Mana and Wisdom. 
Hurry up! At any time  Gloum and  Chigrik may again give in to their superstitious fears and destroy the remains of the tablets! 
Hurry to gain the ancient knowledge that will make you stronger!
Note! For the promotion to work correctly you need to clear the cache and  cookies!
Author: _Sphinx_, editor note: Twisted Sister

1. ORTAKIIIM3 07.11.2013 14:10
sounds interessting
2. BAUBAS2 07.11.2013 14:28
not bad but is it worth it?
3. Battl3K1ng69 07.11.2013 15:49
so what your telling me is i can have higher stats with green armor than a­ person with purple armor? just by using tablets LMAO
4. Yippeekiay 07.11.2013 16:06
All depends on how many fragments drop from a bag, and in turn what colour they­ are. And of course if you factor in the likelihood that the frequency­ of higher colour ones will be lower you will no doubt end up with a lot of lower­ pieces that you can/have to exchange for higher ones. So....the minimum­ fragments you will need is:- 245 Grey for Clay set. (5*49) 320 Green for­ a Ceramic set. (5*64) 405 Blue for an Earthenware set. (5*81) 500 Purple­ for a Porcelain set. (5*100) Bearing in mind you HAVE to equip the­ lower sets before you can equip a higher set. So the lowest amount of fragments­ you have to get is 1470 for all sets assuming you get the exact set numbers­ above and don't get a full tablet from a bag. Of course, you could­ be that lucky person and get a full tablet from every bag that is unique to any­ other you bought, in which case you'd only need to open 20­ bags....hahahaha....fat chance!! *these figures have been­ calculated roughly in my head and I accept no liability if they are found wrong.­ ;p
5. Yippeekiay 07.11.2013 16:09
See, told you my mathematics could be wrong, forgot there are 7 tablets for the­ blue and purple sets, so adjust accordingly ;p
6. Yippeekiay 07.11.2013 16:15
I love my mathematics so have done it for you cos I'm the­ context of my original post it should be.....((5*49)+(5*64)+(7*81)+(7*100))=1832­ Total Fragments or 24 Lucky Lucky Extremely Unique and did I say Lucky Bags. If­ anyone manages to get either of those numbers I'll eat my hat, shoes, shorts­ and anything else to hand!!
7. ValourRiPlak 07.11.2013 18:26
I will exchange my Clay Agility/Life Tablet for Clay Strenght/Intuition­ ones!! pm me in game
8. ValourRiPlak 07.11.2013 19:09
Will exchange ceramic str for ceramic life!
9. OneManShow 09.11.2013 10:49
very good....iam positive surprized
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