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 Shearas blessing of invulnerability22.11.2013 17:00

Warriors! Don’t miss the opportunity and fight till death on the battlefields! If you are blessed by Sheara, all items that are worn during fights will be indestructible.



In order to support you in the permanent fight against chaos the great goddess grants you the possibility to train your abilities in the battlefields without damaging your armour.

From November 22nd, 16:00 Faeo time until November 25th, 16:00 Faeo time you can fight in the Arena, the Temple, the Crystalline Caves and the Tournament of Worship without damaging your equipment. All warriors taking part in battlefields are protected from damage, you don't need to take a special elixir.

Warriors, take your rare armour and weapon. This is the opportunity to crush your heads without damaging your items!

Author: Twisted Sister, editor note: Twisted Sister

11. Infection 23.11.2013 13:55
1 more + for tallars
12. -Myrzik 2_ 23.11.2013 17:09
The same problems with the game!....removed­ valor!!!!!13.00 and 10.00 (2 times)- server­ time(about)!!!!removed valor!!!!!
13. Angler 23.11.2013 20:02
Thanks to admins nice evening on arena. If you can't resolve problems with­ interserver BF's maybe you can hire profesionalists?
14. morito 23.11.2013 22:19
Problem with arenas today, and day before : kicked out on DE serwer even not­ start ... More, get penalty and valour taken.
15. baldspy 24.11.2013 01:07
fuck this game. the admin just want to take all your money with there cool­ events that they do. if you want to good mmorpg try it is way better­ than this crap. atleast you can delete your account without having to jump thou­ hoops with these cracker ass niggers.
16. neolsoft 24.11.2013 14:18­ e+Welt+%22COM%22+einzuloggen%21 Same problem here. not able­ to enter arena. yesterday and today with 3 hours penalty. Valor loss should­ be compensated.
17. ValourRiPlak 24.11.2013 14:29
You cannot take part in battles for another 2h58min32secs! Lift penalty for­ 1 gold, after ive been kicked out from german server arena, losing valour, so­ you want me to pay for your incompetence, no thank you! P.S.­ Happened yesterday to
18. dul 24.11.2013 14:41
You cannot take part in battles for another 2hmin57secs! 13:18 dul :­ 1000 val down , 2 failed attempts to do arena this weekend why do we­ keep getting german server that Doesn't Work :(
19. Kenny The Great 24.11.2013 18:18
You people wanting no damage tallaars are silly. Last time they did that we­ still had to talk people into going. Those who get kicked from battlefield the­ first time and then decide to try again AFTER they lost valor and paid money to­ get back in line are silly too. lmao
20. Ice Wind 25.11.2013 05:16
Had same problem. I would be very grateful for returning valor, compensation for­ blessings ang money for lifting penalty
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