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 The Goldobot de Luxe 500029.11.2013 13:00

The Gnomes of Faeo have been wondering for a long if it was possible to augment or produce that you can buy all the nice things you like or need without hard work. That sounds too good to be true? Don't underestimate the Gnomes!

Just recently they have actually succeeded in building such a device and in order to test it you can now get it almost for free at the Wonder Emporium or from monster drops: Try the brand new Goldobot de Luxe 5000!


The Goldobot de Luxe 5000 can be used in two ways: 

You can create more Gold by inserting  Gold coins. With a little luck  Gold will come out of the Goldobot: 1.5 as much or even twice as much as you put in. 

Using a complicated procedure the Goldobot de Luxe 5000 can transform Brilliant Diamonds into  Gold. If you try this feature you can not lose anything, you will always get at least the equivalent of the value of your Brilliant Diamonds in  Gold. But if you are lucky you will get 1.5 as much or even twice as much.  This feature can be used up to two times within 24 hours.

Hurry up and run to the Wonder Emporium on  Daylight Square or the  Square of Fire and get the Goldobot de Luxe 5000! The Goldobot will be available until Saturday 22:00 Faeo time.

Author: Twisted Sister, editor note: Twisted Sister

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