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 Mysterious Chests06.12.2013 10:24

Just recently, the Elders arranged for the sought-after, precious chests to be sold at the City Fair in order to ensure more security. But all these efforts seem to have been in vain, since once again a whole delivery of precious chests just disappeared without a trace. But wait a minute... did they really just disappear without a trace? Maybe one or other of the monsters pinched a few chests? You might be able to get a chest by defeating a monster of your own level! At least the Elders are satisfied that the mysterious chests are still locked, so nobody can get at the content. Unless someone finds out where the keys are


Who would not like to ride around on a Scorpolion or a Cerrador ? Who never dreams of finding a certificate, which can be easily exchanged for a purple tool or even a red weapon? Which rogue could help you find the keys?


Here is an insider tip that can make you rich and happy, but you must never, ever mention it to  Baguron or  Verkiry: From December 9, 8 am Faeo time until December 10, 10 pm Faeo time  Gloum the Swindler and  Chigrik the Thief are selling the matching keys in the shops at Barrow of Sadness or in the  Glade of Dreams.

Whoever uses these keys to open a Locked Mysterious Casket, a Locked Mysterious Strongbox, a Locked Mysterious Coffer or a Locked Mysterious Trunk, apart from the previously mentioned very much sought-after prizes, could also find some wondrous pieces of armour such as Wondrous Giant Slayer Boots, a Titan Belt, fragments of War Mage amulets, Konlegret cards and much more. You can find a detailed overview here.

In addition, when you have opened 10 chests, you will receive an extra key, after opening 20 chests, you will receive 2 keys on top, and after opening 50 chests, you will receive 3 keys as a bonus!

Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

1. carpediem666 06.12.2013 13:03
2. xCure 06.12.2013 15:39
hmmmm no ty, key cost to damn much and give to much crap
3. Lord Hyperion 06.12.2013 16:02
You guys dont have golden horseshoes┬┐┬┐ you get awesome crap plus increse luck­ by fropping 10s In well at Cs every 15-25 chests.
4. Halicarnasuris 07.12.2013 00:03
another money waster before christmas event
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