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 Winter Chests16.12.2013 12:00

A whole sleigh full of chests has just arrived at the City Fair and these chests were brought into the Precious Chest shop straight away. A closer look reveals that nobody has never seen the likes of these chests in Faeo before. Whatever could be hidden in these Winter Chests?



Give yourself a Christmas Present by getting a Precious Winter Casket, a Precious Winter Coffer, a Precious Winter Strongbox and a Precious Winter Trunk – with a bit of luck this will be an unforgettable Christmas! But do be careful because these chests have come directly from the North Pole and are ice-cold - so cold that you could even find some Frozen Elixir inside them. On opening these, you will obtain some Christmas Elixir.

All warriors are now rushing off to the big Christmas Fair to exchange their Magic Snowflakes, which they have been collecting for helping the Christmas Spirit. You could even find some more Magic Snowflakes in the Winter Chests. Some lucky devils will not have to wait for the Christmas Fair to become the proud owner of an Ice Bear, since there may be some Ice Bear Amulets to be found in the Chests too!
Of course, loads of other items on the Christmas Wish List will be inside too, since the chests, as usual, are stuffed to the brim with the most popular objects: Who would say no to a Cerrador or a Scorpolion? Or what about some precious tools or rare resources? Would you like to have red weapons or miraculous armour? Here is a list of all the objects that you can find in the chests.

The chests can be obtained at the City Fair, which you can reach from the   Square of Fire and the  Daylight Square until 18 December, 22:30 Faeo time.
Author: Hermano, editor note: Cross Knight

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