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 Christmas Trade Fair23.12.2013 16:00

Warriors, it's Christmas – a time of joy, a time of gifts! But aren't the best gifts the ones you give to yourself? Menachem and Samary have managed to convince the travelling merchants to set up their stalls in snowy Faeo once again, and to put some special rare items on offer this Christmas!


  Winter Fair in the free RPG War of Dragons!  

Red weapons fragments and red bow fragments will be on offer again for keen collectors. Once you have gathered all six weapon fragments or all five bow fragments, you can go see the blacksmiths or craftsmen to trade them in.


And for warriors who love the colour red, there's even more. Many warriors mentioned in their Christmas wish lists that they would like to see complete weapons and bows being offered again. And Sheara has provided: as well as fragments, you'll also see complete red weapons and bows. And, with red being such a festive colour, exclusive red armour will be on offer once more!



Nobody wants to walk around in tattered clothes at this time of celebration. Go and get the Elixir of Invincibility. Look for other rare elixirs too, such as the Elixir of Hurricane, the  Elixir of Rock Skin, the Rare Valor Elixir, as well as the Elixirs of Invisibility. You will also find an exclusive selection of rings, amulets and scrolls!



The merchants have prepared beautifully wrapped Christmas boxes that you won't see any other time of year. And these aren't just any gifts! They might contain wondrous armour parts and weapons, if you're lucky. You might even find a Cerrador Amulet inside this amazing Christmas box!


Who wants to spend Christmas all by themselves? Get some unique pets that love the winter months! Or make the most of this season of love, and get married. The special sets of wedding rings found at the Winter Fair, such as the seasonal ring sets Breath of Frost or Ice Mystery, would be perfect.



With so much rushing from battle to battle, what warrior actually has time to do Christmas shopping? No doubt many of you have failed to get presents for your loved ones in time. All the better, however – because the best presents can only be found at the Winter Fair!


Visit the rare items fair in the Square of Fire and in the Square of Light. The Winter Fair is open from 10:00 Faeo time on 24 December until 22:00 Faeo time on 27 December


Author: Cross Knight, editor note: Cross Knight

1. gavor 23.12.2013 16:22
sweet lvl 15 hat would be sweeter ;p
2. I am Groot 23.12.2013 16:22
no auras?
3. ali1 23.12.2013 17:42
admin i collect gold for buy snow flakes like last year must plz put on fair
4. Schorschi 23.12.2013 17:57
Hoping to be able to buy Snowflakes again this year, I need 14 more Flakes to­ buy Icebear. Please make that happen. Thank you.
5. m00nt33r 23.12.2013 23:02
i agree with ali1&Schorshi....PLEASE, grant our poor players petition :ws: :ws:­ :ws: Give same chance like others, admins. PLEASE, we beg....:ws: :ws: :ws:
6. --Creed-- 24.12.2013 00:48
would have guessed auras would have come also,but next time. still good fair :)­ happy x-mas peeps and have a good one
7. xCure 24.12.2013 01:23
bear was much cheaper this year then last year so i doubt there will be flakes­ their
8. binford 24.12.2013 08:03
the trade fair should be open til christmas :(
9. Flint 24.12.2013 09:16
ya, i love trade fair!!! thanks!!!
10. TiSi 24.12.2013 13:52
awww, yeah. full red at last.
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