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 April Update Preveiw07.03.2017 06:00

In April the game will have another update. Let's look at part of the changes that await us.

Premium Account

Having a premium account will give permanent valour bonus, received according to the carried battles.

According to the level of your premium account you will receive: 
premium account
Permanent bonus
of valour for
the premium duration
«Gray» +5%









Especially important it will be to the participants of the«Crossed swords» event and warriors preparing for the new Clan Wars season. Fighting for your clan is now very beneficial while having a premium account!
Time to rob Caravans

From Aplil in Faeo «is possible to rob caravans»
! The signal for the beginning of the event, joyful for all hunters for the others' goods, will be given by the Raiders Horn. It only requires to blow in it and on the enemy's land a caravan will start its way, loaded with valuable goods!


Caravan follows from the docks to the capitol, alternately passing three locations. In each of them it will stay for 40 minutes, in the period of which you can attack the Caravaneers, that are found in hunt mode. Regardless of the attackers' level, victories promise valuable goodies: gold, rubies, trade fair items, precious chests and quest resources.
You can not rob your own merchants, but you can protect them and receive coins and Merchant Marks. For this you need to join the caravaneer's fight with the thieves. In attack or in defense, the reward is being given to the warrior or spread between the group of several wariors, that did the most damage. You can receive Raiders Horn with low probability while increasing Trophy Hunters reputation.
New properties of the accessories

We all know that in Faeo, a world full of magic,  not only weapons and armors are required for victory, but also the magical power of jewelry. With the update, magic powers that define the properties of many accessories will change by enhansing most kinds of jewelery (only applies to the new items, purchased or received in battle from the update), by making them unbreakable and along with that giving some other features:

Purple Gnome rings and amulets will become unbreakable; 
Ephemeral Gnome rings and amulets will as well become unbreakable, but they will also have a lifespan of 30 days; 
Rings and amulets purchased for Shiass substances will also become unbreakable; 
All rings and amulets green, blue or purple, received as drop from monsters or superbeings, will as well be unbrekable, but after their first equip, the ones that were transferrable will become non-transferrable.

Besides jewelery, the changes will affect the properties of important accessories like belts: 
Gnome Ephemeral belt will become unbreakable with lifespan - 30 days, analogous to the ephemeral jewelry; 
Geen and blue belts and slings, bought from the shops, will as well be unbreakable.
Once again we specify that all of these changes affect only newly purchased (or received in the form of trophies in battle) accessories. The items from the above mentioned categories, that are already in possesion of warriors, will remain with their old properties.

We remind you that the accessories that you already have in your posession can be made unbreakable with the help of resins. As for the new jewelry and belts, as is clear from the text above, almost all of them will now have a convenient feature of being unbreakable by default.
Enhanced Guards


Sheara decided to help Soldiers and Patrols of the both continents. The defenders will go on duty with renewed strength, gleam in their eyes and joy in their hearts. The gift from Sheara brought new skills and enchantment to equipment of each Soldier and every Patrol around Faeo. 

New characteristics of Otherworld runes
Now Otherworld Gviur Rune in addition to the bonus valour received at the Fault fights will also provide protection against negativities. Аnd Otherworld Argur Rune will not only increase the durability, but also protect from the effect of lost soul.
We remind you that the essence of the Otherworls runes strength is snown only at the edge of Faeo world - in the Faults, at the Hand of Sky and the Hand of Abyss. In other locations the runes will not show their powers at all. This applies as well on the new protective features.

Other changes that are expected:

  • The maximum character level is increased to level 19.
  • Experience essences now can be used by players up to level 19.
  • Hand of the Sky and Meridian vaults are available for warriors level 19.
  • You will be able to purchase items and bezels for warriors of level 19 in Arsenal.
  • New level groups are introduced in the Chaotic battlefields: levels 16-17 and levels 18-20.
  • At the Meridian lands were added new monsters level 18 and level 19, in connection with the monsters' distribution their locations have been changed.
  • The process of attacking a monster is optimized. This change have greater impact on high level players, as due to the large parameters, sometimes their fight could have taken much more longer to load.
  • Monsters killed in the «Kennels» will now count in Clan quests.
  • The rewards for level 17 Maurins and Zarlogs are changed. Previously all the rewards from the main and summoned monsters were handed out with 50% probability. Now the reward from the main monster is given with 100% probability, while the summoned one will give only money drop. So now when Kennels are being used the rewards will be for all the monsters killed in the Kennel.
  • Now when you activate Treasury Hunter Maps, in the chat you will be able to see the name of the location. By clicking on it, the navigator will automatically guide the way to the location.
  • Changes in the layout, display of prices and discounts in shops has been made.
  • In «Miscellaneous» section of the Backpack «Gifts» tab will be added.
  • The quests' interface now has the ability to sort them by level (sorting type can be changed by clicking on the special button at the top of the quests' section).

In the April update this and much more awaits you!
Author: lososerg, editor note: lososerg

21. LE LOUP 10.04.2017 23:43
Hi a nice idea ^^, Arsenal set can be sold, why not belt ?­ and only who has rank can use it as before ^^ what do you think ?
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