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 March - Wake from Winter Slumber06.03.2017 15:00

March promises to spring many surprises on brave warriors of Faeo! Various gifts, absorbing adventures and interesting quests, new achievements and unique seasonal weapons await you in the new spring event «March - Wake from Winter Slumber!».


Here everyone will be able to find a task according to their liking, moreover, each task will be rewarded by a Carved BugIf you are thrilled by  dangerous and mysterious quests, you should go to «Night Stealers» right away.  Phinko the Sage at Lost Wastelands  and  Elusive Shuan at Steppe Vista are looking for a reliable warrior to complete a task «Romantic Dinner». 
Being able to hunt will come it handy while completing a quest from  Samuel the Cleric and Pymen the Monk «Healing Pollen», and your collecting skills will be useful when completing quest from Sporucs and Smurri «Shoots and Roots». Warriors, who cannot imagine their lives without fights on the battlefields, will be glad to help Knights Frex and Blou in quest «Lost Wager ». Warlords will give you a very important task - «Find and Deactivate». And Sheamus the Joker with Nadilarie will ask you to go look for bugs in quest «On the search for Spotty Bugs for». Those, who love to test their luck, should visit Tindoline the Fairy at the City Fairs. Tiny sorceress will promise you a unique gift if you agree to play a simple game with her. 
Let spring adventures begin!
Author: lososerg

1. K0J0 06.03.2017 18:04
I did one hard quest + hard quest + normal quest but I won 50 carved :( I must­ win 135 carved :)
2. -Magra- 07.03.2017 02:45
Not really a surprise or anything, but the monkey statue isn't in the­ rewards page. I know it's asking a lot for them to be updated prior to the­ start of the events.
3. den1s 07.03.2017 05:08
-Magra-, nobody cares but us Guys, we want monkey!!!
4. K0J0 07.03.2017 17:05
I can't see monkey statue on the library page but I can see monkey statue in­ the curititoes shop. Please update library page. Thanks
5. WinDless- 08.03.2017 16:33 this is monkey statue
6. Alida 08.03.2017 18:50 found this one for­ march
7. den1s 09.03.2017 04:28
WinDless-, monkey fairy, ha-ha. I want green and blue monkey pet and this is­ only way to get it. Admins, wake up from winter slumber!
8. Aly the Lioness 13.03.2017 20:53
why on the other servers they have also this:­ ????????
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