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 Bonus Tokens and Valor!13.03.2017 13:30

UPDATE: True double valor and reputation bonus is prolonged till March 15!

Prepare your blades and armor, warriors! Starting from now and till March 13th, 12:00 participants of the great battles, wherever they are hold at, will receive twice as much valor and reputation!

Moreover winners of the great battles, taking place in the disputed locations, such as Plateau of SilnceHaunted PlaceSunken ships graveyard, will receive a Carved Bug as a reward and their armor won't break in these locations. Do not forget that at the Plateau of Silence your injuries will be healed at the end of the battle, this happens all the time.
Moreover, card collectors should also pay a visit to the Premium shop where they will find a Set of 60 Conlegret cards

Fight for your continent!
Great battles will show who is the leader of Faeo!
Author: lososerg, editor note: lososerg

11. JimmyII 12.03.2017 00:26
I have to agree with -Med- on this one. I used battle sphere and a ton of buffs­ for only mild valor. Simply not worth the time or effort without double valor­ and rep in my opinion. I imagine its worse at 16+ with vaults available.­ Hopefully this gets remedied but I have my doubts. :P
12. Luinill Wolfkai 12.03.2017 13:50
That's what I was saying in forum, but people in forum attack me. Valor­ ratios sometimes are messed up, so people don't dare to go battlefields.­ Boost them in the proper way --- people will que. But people here thinks about­ HONOR and PRIDE, so let's keep battlefields dead like them are now, except­ equals and meridians. ^^
13. Luinill Wolfkai 12.03.2017 13:52
They don't understand that honor and pride is a thing that doesn't work­ when you have very few time to play (I play a lot and still I don't work)­ and you want to come play this game after work/university and... no people in­ que. Then just hunt and instances...
14. Ice Storm 12.03.2017 15:29
there's not double valor
15. LE LOUP 13.03.2017 20:50
open back the shop for bless then if u prolonge this event )) or get us fair ))
16. -Fallen- 13.03.2017 20:52
Hell yeah
17. -Fallen- 13.03.2017 20:52
Gimme that rep
18. Zadia 13.03.2017 22:53
Are you sure that is double valor?? because i dont think so. Admins must think­ that we are stupids
19. Pilek 14.03.2017 02:58
what have for problems with valour ? we have really enough to make fast and easy­ valour,with or without blesses,the best are the doubble reputation :thumpsup:
20. cursed 11 15.03.2017 20:28
how about making gb till l 10 and after l10 im sick mage come in and kill us all­ magma side or humi still the same make divers gb for lower l and higher one
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