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 Mysterious statue of experience21.04.2017 06:00

Warrior! Strange things are happening in your estate. Dark energy breaks out from under the ground below the Statue of Experience built on your land. Talk to your Own Shadow to find out what's going on!

You can find out more about the Mysterious Statue of Experience in the game library

 The quest is available for all warriors from level 7 that have a Statue of Experience built in their estate.

Author: Threepwood, editor note: Threepwood

1. xbaby-galateax 21.04.2017 12:18
2. pallinium 21.04.2017 12:46
Destroy the Statue of Experience and its Foundation trench in your own estate,­ in order to solve the mystery of magic, for which Shadow was speaking. O.o
3. COZYA-Nostra 21.04.2017 12:52
Mysterious Statue of Experience Level 3 - Increases the amount of explerience­ obtained by players in battle by 170%. It turns out I do not get my­ experience and I return experience back from my level?
4. Mikepel 21.04.2017 13:05
So now we are back to square one for constructing a Statue of Experience... a­ little warning would have been nice.
5. Viktor Wolfkai 21.04.2017 13:09
muhahah + 200 % exp
6. skylla 21.04.2017 13:10
pffffffffff like always , crap dont work, would be nice only 1 time that­ something new works when its introduced. So we destroy old statue, which­ costed a lot of energy and riolite for nothing, cause all is gone and new isnt­ possible to build
7. pallinium 21.04.2017 13:13
admins you joking? i use much gold and much time for finish my statue and now­ for have new statue I have to start by 0??!?!?! add option for­ change statua old in statua new without lose level old statua please
8. -Anjiloh- 21.04.2017 13:16
Your goal: Destroy the Statue of Experience and its Foundation trench in your­ own estate, in order to solve the mystery of magic, for which Shadow was­ speaking. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::­ lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
9. _zourida_ 21.04.2017 13:19
lol is it a jokke for april....seems not so funny.....
10. _zourida_ 21.04.2017 13:31
If you decide to demolish your Mysterious statue of experience you can choose­ what kind of building to build after that: Mysterious statue of experience or­ regular Statue of experience. looool sure i will destroy it ..then build­ the same again after....
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