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 Private Sale is Open!10.07.2017 02:54

Warriors, the merchants have just opened doors to the private sale! Let's have a look at what they have to offer.


A reworked version of Dormant Ring of Shadow Seeking is in the store: from now on this ring won't require shadows for use and will grant you an ability to receive a powerful blessing that will help you farm shadows more effeciently. By using this ring you will be able to every day for 1 hour have a chance to drop shadows from farming monsters anywhere in Faeo! But keep in mind that those monsters need to be from level 11 and can only be 1 level below yours. If you already bought your ring at the previous sale these new features should be applied to it automatically.


Also on sale are new Master Spirit Spheres: Master Executioner Spirit Sphere, Master Healer Spirit Sphere, Master Locksmith Spirit Sphere. They will help you increase your skill in executioner, healer and locksmith professions.

Merchants have added a new scroll to the shop: Special poisoning scroll will help you gain unspeakable advantage in battle!

Hurry up and stock on the magic amulets that were previously available only for the best of the warriors and are now on sale for a limited time! With their help you will be able to summon a very powerful wraith to help you in a fight once a day.



At the private sale you can purchase unique style armor with animation, one for each gender! You can also gift them to another player. Make your friends and significant others happy!



For the most eager and hard-working resource gatherers there are Evil Eye Pot, Dormant Ring of Shadow Seeking, Resource Gatherer Gloves available.



Ethemeral card decks are also on sale! For a very low price you can now buy a magical deck that will disappear after its use. You can use them in addition to regular and old card decks! 



To visit the shop you need to talk to   Squire Voldemar or  Galash the Merchant at the City Fair only if you have Invitation to a private sale!

Remember, that with the start of the private sale, in order to receive the Invitation to a private sale you will now need to purchase 200 from the banker!


Bonus for purchasing diamonds have been extended and will be available till the private sale is closed on July 14th!
Author: Threepwood, editor note: Threepwood

1. Pilek 11.07.2017 15:04
bring us diamond certificates in premium-shop before this event over,so have all­ profit,mail ru more realmoney and non-paygamer have a chance too,to buy here the­ one or other item........thanks
2. Fiighti 13.07.2017 19:00
more likely you missed the diamond Certificate sale last Month :-)
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