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 New task from the Festival Organizer28.07.2017 11:50

Citizens of Faeo, who weren't asleep for some reason this night could witness a strange glow in the sky near Chion Mountains. It was the Festive Organiser trying out his fireworks for the big celebration to determine what colors are missing.
Brave warriors! Festive Organizer has a new task available for you. Fireworks for the jubilee celebration must be unbelievably beautiful and unforgettably awesome, so he needs you to add new colors to his palette!  Participating in Great Battles at Plateau of Silence you must charge the magic amulet with Selflessness. This particular quality born in a brave heart of a warrior in the middle of the battle will shine bright purple on the horizon when The Organizer works his magic.

The Festive Organiser is awaiting the volunteers at the City Fair grounds of  Dartrong or  ’Delvays for completing the quest «A War Trophy for the Tenth Anniversary: Selflessness». You can accept the quests from 11:00 Friday, July 28th till 15:00 server time on Monday, July 31st. The Organiser will accept charged amulets until 12:00 Friday,  August 4th.

Battle mages have come to the help of brave warriors once again! From 11:00 Friday, July 28th and till 15:00 Monday, July 31st your armor and weapons won't break in battles at Plateau of Silence and you will receive 100% more valour for winning in Great Battles there.
Lift up your spirits – make every battle bring you victory!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. -_-MiSSTaKe-_- 29.07.2017 14:24
Bye to this type GB all time invisible (17,18 ,19 ) killing us (lv8, 9) by one­ hit .
2. KR33YZIN 29.07.2017 20:41
always just lags that shit
3. vengador mortal 30.07.2017 19:20 Do­ you need so many? Or are they very cowardly?
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