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 More firecrackers!04.08.2017 14:00

After calculating the losses from the Kretches raid and the flooding of the pantry, the Festival Organzier was forced to admit that most of the accumulated Firecrackers had been hopelessly ruined. Thanks to the help of the brave warriors, it was possible to replenish the reserves of fireworks, but some of the storage is still empty. There is not much time left before the celebration begins, and therefore it's time to resume hunting for warriors’ feelings and emotions, from which beautiful fireworks are made!

Brave warriors! Festival Organizer asks you to go to the legendary battlefields of Faeo once again and charge magic amulets with the sadness of your opponents defeat! Challenge yourselves in battles at Arena, Crystalline Caves, Ancient Temple, Meridian Vaults and Tallaar Halls! 
Festival Organizer awaits volunteers at the city fairs of  Dartrong and  ODelvays in order to complete the quest «A War Trophy for the Tenth Annivesary: Bitterness of Defeat». You can take the quest  from 15:00 Friday (August 4) till 12:00 Monday (August 7). Festival Organizer accepts charged amulets till 12:00 Thursday (August 10). 
All quests in a «War Trophy for the Tenth Anniversary» series are available for warriors from level 3 and higher, after they complete «A Guest Who Vanished» quest. 
Warlocks and mages decided to support brave warriors of Faeo in battle at Arena, Ancient Temple, Tallaar Halls and Crystalline Caves this weekend! That is why from 15:00 Friday through 12:00 Monday your items won't break! 
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Iron Fist 04.08.2017 15:41
new quest not showing .. 15:40 Iron Fist » Unfabulous: can you see the­ new quest ? 15:40 Unfabulous » Iron Fist: no
2. Berserkas 04.08.2017 15:55
Nope, no new quest
3. luigiperluigi 04.08.2017 17:06
no new quest, and old quest "A Hunting Trophy for the Tenth­ Anniversary." seems to be duplicated or have some problem
4. Iron Fist 04.08.2017 17:17
yep, something's wrong .. i got the duplicate mirror shards quest, i have­ the shards but i can't turn in either quest :|
5. luigiperluigi 04.08.2017 18:07
new quest ""A War Trophy for the Tenth Anniversary" is showing now,­ old quest "A Hunting Trophy for the Tenth­ Anniversary" still seems have­ some problem (I have 2 Handful of Mirror Shards)
6. Berserkas 04.08.2017 20:09
Turn on one quest, break the other. Good stuff.
7. Berserkas 04.08.2017 22:37
Well, if you refuse the mirror shard quest and retake it, it works correctly.­ but you'll lose any mirror shards you already made.
8. dul 05.08.2017 17:43
tallaars queue 2 lol, hope we get chaotic soon, at least you can complete the­ quest with that one ......
9. **fantasy** 05.08.2017 21:20
never liv 14 come in tallar why???????????????????????????more valor
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