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 New contraband goods10.08.2017 01:40

Once again, luck smiled at the sneaky contrabandits, giving them an excellent opportunity to get hold of a large batch of goods for clandestine trading.

Clever businessmen immediately realized how to attract more customers, and made an unexpected move. Having dressed in dark cloaks with deep hoods, they sneaked in the Premium store under the cover of night and concluded with its owners a curious deal: the sale of new contraband goods will be held right there!

Illegal traders are offering warriors to buy NEW more profitable contraband bags at a bargain price inside of which they may find unique items, such as: gnome treasures, goods belonging to General UyarrMO himself, hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives, Combo-Cubes, magic shadows, contraband energy infusions, among many others. You will now be able to find even a Diamond Certificate, a Spark of the Heavenly Fires or a replica of Gorbakh's Mace in some of the bags! The only way to find out which of the rare and valuable goods you got is by opening the bag after the deal has been concluded.

The buyers that were interested in the contraband goods are awaited in the Premium Shop!
Don't miss the opportunity to purchase unique goods!
The sale in the Premium shop will end at 23:59 on August 13!
Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Rindvieh 10.08.2017 11:11
11:09 Evil Eye 8 pcs 11:09 Evil Eye 12 pcs 11:09 Contraband Energy­ Liqueur 10 pcs 11:09 Imp Combo-Cube 2 pcs energy liqs not­ transferable,so only 20 g -
2. -TheRiddle- 10.08.2017 14:31
"NEW more profitable contraband bags at a bargain price" :lol::lol::lol:
3. TiSi 10.08.2017 17:00
would love to hear more of what you guys get for 150g. might buy, might not.
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