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 The Return of the Great Magician02.10.2017 13:00

Insidious is the enemy that managed to get into the capital under the Festival Organizer's disguise! And this is only the benining of the advent of a secret cult that practices forbitten witchcraft... The elders of Ogriy and Khair are tirelessly giving out orders, preparing for defense. However, the enemy which they had to face on jubilee celebrations eve is so powerful that they won't be able to confront him on their own. Having judiciously assessed the situation, the experienced elders decided to ask for help... from Unarius himself! It is known that this great magician left Faeo's borders sometime in the past, but will it be possible to bring him back?

Elders Baguron and Verkiry awaiting you at the squares of O'Delvays and Dartrong will send you to a dark magic arts expert and Unarius's best disciple, so that he could find a way to call his teacher back to our world. The ritual to return the great magician will require a lot of effort and combined forces of the warriors of both continents!

You will receive "Legendary Tenth Anniversary" Badges and Perfect Elixirs of Life for participating in the preparation for the ritual. Aditionally, you will receive Anniversary Protector reputation points (it affects the rewards available during the celebration and does not give any reputational rating).
The «Bring Back Unarius!» quest is intended for those warriors that have reached level 3.

    List of all tasks and events, regarding the 10th Anniversary, can be found on the special promotional page.

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Berserkas 02.10.2017 16:42
Mosaic's still broken :)
2. Berserkas 02.10.2017 16:46
16:45 Received: Legendary Tenth Anniversary Badge 100 pcs, Premium Set 2 pcs.­ :D there we go.
3. GUNIS 02.10.2017 21:49
Who is that in mosaic?
4. The Chicken Man 03.10.2017 01:03
What's the deadline to do these recurring quests?
5. Berserkas 03.10.2017 18:00
"Brave warrior, stage 2 will start on 09.10.17" - one week, apparently.­ then, new quests again.
6. -TheRiddle- 03.10.2017 20:28
Trading resources and 3 chaos mobs on 09.10.17
7. toraken 05.10.2017 05:37
hasta cuando dura este evento
8. toraken 05.10.2017 05:42
tambien a habido un problema aunque ya esta solucionado
9. toraken 05.10.2017 06:14
because it takes a long time to throw the element
10. toraken 05.10.2017 07:26
por que demora mucho en salir elemento
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