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 Ready do summon Unarius!06.10.2017 16:47

Warriors of Ogriy and Khair! Your joint efforts have finally brought the long-awaited fruits! The elements, necessary for the summoning of Unarius have been collected. Nothing can prevent the return of the great magician now!

The Necromancer and Koeshu are already preparing for the beginning of the ritual of the elements, which will summon Unarius, while the outlines of the nearest future, such as the details and terms of the next stage, as well as some awards that await the defenders of Faeo will soon be revealed to us.
Fateful trials and great battles lie ahead, warriors! Keep the blades sharpened, and ammunition at hand, they will come in handy very soon!

All the details will appear on the promotional page of the event.

List of all tasks and events, regarding the 10th Anniversary, can be found on the special promotional page.

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. liam321 06.10.2017 21:56
Curse my real life for preventing me from getting max reputation!!­ Perhaps I should just quit my degree, it's just a piece of paper anyway!
12. dul 07.10.2017 04:14 ­ ; these quests are making me want to quit this game ..........
13. toraken 07.10.2017 04:30
no erntiendo de que trata la verdad deberia poner cuanto dura cada­ evento para saber
14. TiSi 08.10.2017 09:46
Can we like open the 10th shop so we can spend the stupid badges and get this­ stupid thing over with, so we can concentrate on what really matters, i.e.­ october and november event ? Thank you.
15. -Pearl- 08.10.2017 11:04
hi admins, pls delete all the rubbish from the event from my bag haha -­ have a lot of it - with all the unending quests^^ for­ example:­ 3 http:/­ / http://warofdragon­ thanks
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